Thursday 13 December, 2012

Lucky 12’s (12-12-12)

Ok as you know today is 12-12-12. That should be a lucky set of numbers huh? Well I don’t know if it’s suppose to be lucky or not but I decided to do a blog post on it. Since my blog is relatively new I decided to share with you all my 12 Random Facts […]

Wednesday 05 December, 2012

My 1st Blog Post‏

My 1st Blog Post‏

Hello and welcome to my blog. Yes I am a blogger. I have been blogger since 2006 and I am very excited on actually doing this as a full-time professional hobby! My name is Kiwi (aka Kiwi The Beauty) and I want to welcome you into my world via words & pictures of my journey, thoughts, imaginations, and […]