{31 Stories} Day 8: Recent Purchase Friday 09 August, 2013

Day 8: Recent Purchase

 On Day 8, I highlighted my most recent purchase which happened to be ice cream. It wasn’t just any ice cream, it is the incredible tasting MAGNUM ICE CREAM {yes I am aware I put this in all caps. That’s my excitement in text form don’t judge me}.

If you haven’t had Magnum Ice Cream, aka Fancy Smancy ice cream, go to your nearest grocery store and buy it. No this is not a sponsored post, and I am not just plugging it in just to get you to purchase something. I’m telling you this ice cream was made from the Ice Cream Gods themselves!

I actually went to the store to treat myself.  See when you become an adult, there aren’t too many reward systems set-up for us. You parents can’t give you an allowance for good grades or doing the chores, or you can’t pick out a toy at the store for good behavior. What do I get for being a good adult? I ate my vegetables! I actually smiled on Monday and didnt complain about how it was ruining my life.

So for that, I went to the store and said “Kiwi you deserve some ice cream“. Yes I did talk in the third person, no one else was rewarding me and I had to talk myself into buying ice cream.  I am not crazy I promise.
I didn’t even buy it in the pack, I just bought the singular ice cream bar for $1.99 because I didn’t want to tempt myself into eating the entire box in one night. You know only 3 comes in a box? That is so dirty…so so dirty.

I ended up purchasing the Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bar. Let me tell you, I left earth for a split second and went straight to heaven in the 1st bite. I see why they call it “Magnum“, for the ice cream leaves a large impact on your taste buds.

It’s layered and layered in flavors for extreme indulgence; a hard Belgian Chocolate shell, laced with a decadent caramelized sauce beneath it and we haven’t event touched the ice cream part yet. Another layer of the Belgian chocolate is coated over the vanilla bean ice cream that is hidden beyond all of that. Makes you wanna slap your momma {ok don’t do that…you slap her I am not responsible for your bodily harms and repercussions}.

Before I knew it one bite, became more bites and within a few minutes I look down at my empty ice cream stick in disappointment. I got shipped back to Earth – where greed and gluttony lived for my ice cream dreams…

Moral of the story is to treat yourself. If you are an adult, you should treat yourself to something that will put a smile on your face. There isn’t an adult reward system set up for you- so give yourself a prize.  Also I find it the older I get, the harder it is for me to see an ice cream truck? Is that a conspiracy…they are marketing ice cream trucks for kids? I haven’t seen one all SUMMER what’s up with that?

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