{31 Stories} Days 24 & 25 Monday 09 September, 2013

Day 24 : Things to Do with Friends

So the year 2013 is the year of the SELFIES. Front facing camera phone pictures people take of themselves, but a new growing trend that goes along with selfies are “selfies with friends”.  As I wrote here I am not a “selfie” kind of person, but group pictures are different. It’s something about taking an outstretched photo with your friend(s) is very fun and intimate. I love sharing my photo experience with other people, because it make selfies look less selfish! Ok…I hate the word “selfie” so I love taking ‘photos with friends’ – life is better that way.

Day 25: Things to Do on Sundays

So when I did this #31stories challenge, on this particular Sunday I was anticipating the VMAS – for 2 reasons. The reunions of two great groups, N*Sync & Danity. If you know anything about the 2013 VMAs, both of those reunions got overshadowed by a thing name ‘Miley Cyrus’. Miley ruined the entire VMA experience for everyone with her inappropriate twerking antics and I can never listen to Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ again. Miley, aka Hannah Montana, rebelled and showed her natural underdeveloped adult “ASS” and ruin and exploited “twerking” for everyone. News flash Miley: YOU DID NOT INVENT TWERK. YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TWERK. RETIRE TWERKING EARLY.

All I wanted to do was watch my N*Sync perform ‘Bye Bye Bye‘ & ‘Dirty Pop‘, and sadly they only performed for 2 mins out of Justin Timberlake’s 30 minute performance. Highly disappointed. Also the Danity Kane reunion,was just that, no performance. Double Disappointment. I blame Miley for everything – especially now Oxford’s Dictionary has now added “twerk” to the dictionary. I think Miss Miley needs to reference here, here, and here and confess to mainstream America has been in existence since the Bling Bling era. Oh no twerking will die just like the word bling-bling!

Moral of the story, Miley wanted you all to know that Hannah Montana is officially dead. The End.  Worst VMAS ever! Sunday was a bust.

P.S. The word “selfie” is also going to be added to the dictionary. Spelling Bees of the future is going to be one big Shaking My Head (SMH) fest.

Learn more about #31stories photo challenge and if you would like to participate with me and others who will be sharing their photos for the month of August. I am going to commit to not quit a monthly photo challenge. I have 31 days to share my story, whats yours?

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