7 Beautifying Winter Tips Friday 05 January, 2018

Brrrr. Do you all feel that harsh winter weather yet where you are at? Are you one of those lucky people who has tropical sunny weather all year long, because if you are I am super jealous. I am in Atlanta, and its definitely not Hotlanta weather at all. Currently as I type in January, its 30 degrees. No snow but its still pretty brutal. The weather is destroying my skin and hair, basically everything is dry. I am not going to let this weather kick my butt. I actually found some ways to beautify my skin this winter and hope these tips will be helpful for you! 

  1. Be Generous and Gentle!

    Avoid using anything abrasive on your skin in the shower, like a loofah. Instead, use a soft cloth with a soap-free foaming cleaner, such as Mustela Stelatopia Cream Cleanser, which gently cleanses without drying,” says Dr. Gohara. “This also applies to your clothes. During the winter, try to wear cotton instead of wool, which is rough and can irritate the skin.”

  2. Exfoliate Often!

    Quite simply, the more dead skin cells you have on your face, the less bright and luminous it will look, and the same goes for the rest of your body. Slough away dead cells and repair your complexion with a gentle facial exfoliator or use an exfoliating body polish for an all-over skin revival. In the summer, it’s often second-nature to take care of our skin simply because more of it is on display, but letting dead skin cells pile up during the winter will leave you itchy, flaky and dry all over.

  3. Get Steamy!

    Taking care of your skin in the winter is all about defending it from dryness! Similar to sweating it out in a sauna or steam room, you can restore moisture to your face without having a fancy gym membership or a built-in steam room thanks to at-home facial steamers. They make different kinds that all soften your skin and open your pores as well as a high-priced facial (cucumber slices on your eyes sold separately).

  4. Baby your lips!

    I don’t know why, but in the winter I tend to pick at my lips more. I’ll lick them then try to pull dead skin off. Instead of being THAT girl, just wear protective lip balm every day. I keep Chapstick with me at all times, but in the winter you’ll want a thicker lip balm.

  5. Be sure to deep condition your hair!

    Not only is your body drying out with the temperature drop, but your hair can dry out too. Especially if you’ve recently been in a snowball fight and let your hair air dry. This could mean buying a deep conditioner and letting it sit in your hair for a few minutes before washing it out or creating a DIY hair mask that will sit a little longer.

  6.  Sleep with a humidifier

    Between the cool temperatures and the cold wind, the elements can be very drying to your skin.  Sleeping with your humidifier on at night can be really refreshing to your skin for the next day. It will definitely help keep your skin moisturized

  7. Lotion Up!

    Make sure you use a body lotion within three to five minutes after getting out of the shower. The ambient heat will help seal in more moisture and leave skin baby soft. Skin gets really scally in the winter, so lotion right after showering is a very important tip.  Lubriderm is my dry skin beauty lotion of choice.  Lubriderm helps with all day moisture and even protection from the harsh winter air.

This is a very lightweight lotion and its fast absorbing into the skin. Lubriderm has an extensitve collection within their brand of  Therapeutic Lotions and even Men formulated lotion. I get the best deals at Walmart and look out for Rollback pricing on Lubriderm.

Do you have any beautifying tips for this winter?

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