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Mag Excerpt BestofBeauty Influencers Hey everyone. I just returned from an amazing weekend in Nashville being one of a few select beauty bloggers to attend the second Annual #ADayofBeauty event sponsored by Dollar General. It was beyond a Day of Beauty and it was an experience of product galore and complimentary gifts that was given by Dollar General. It was amazing to be apart of this, as I am honored to be a blogger to cover the event and get to hang out with the community of Nashville who attended. This event was open to the public and everyone who attended went home with plenty of products and goodies all found at every Dollar General’s across the nation. We also celebrated the launch of BeautyCentsMeg.com magazine (which is in Dollar General’s everywhere) with cover girl Keke Wyatt, who also made an appearance and performed to the fans. Check out below my excerpt and all of the fun that was had. a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-1

The Beauty Bloggers Getting Cute for #ADayofBeauty

The Beauty Bloggers Getting Cute for #ADayofBeauty

The cool thing about #ADayofBeauty event is that this was not exclusive to just us bloggers. This was open to the public people of Nashville to come out and get some good beauty items. These items were not just measly samples either…these women and myself went home with massive swag! Literally everyone who came in were given a bag to go to each booth who was represented by a beauty bag to put all of their items in. Think of it as Trick-or-Treating for women…except no tricks just beauty treats. Full sized beauty ones too. How many events do you know of that you can walk around the venue and collect free products just for showing up and load up on?? The ladies got spoiled on this day for sure! I know I did – so much they have to mail me my products so stay tuned for my reveal on that soon!


In front of the special VIP Beauty Cents Suite lounge room

The first stop I made was in the Beauty Cents Suite which was for only VIP invitees that included the bloggers and locals who won access to the room. In the room it was a beauty experience of complimentary manicures, massages, extra prizes, and the chance to meet the celebs of the event. Very cute and chic! a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-21


Myself + Beauty Blogger Rachel O Beauty getting manicures.

I needed a manicure (and truthfully a pedicure) and so happy to get on at the event with Rachel O. Beauty. Funny, both her and I were talking the night before about going to a salon in the area and didnt even need to. We had one on site for us yay! a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-32 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-33 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-34


Creme of Nature gave out full sized product bags!

I love Creme of Nature and they are always launching new innovative products. Myself and the public who attended got full sized items of products in these cute tote bags. Also behind me with the red curly hair is a friend of mine named Kayla. So proud of her and the campaign she is representing with them with the brand. We go back when I shot for her when I worked at a beauty magazine…hair modeling is her thing!


African Pride had a very interactive luau themed area of karaoke and photobooth fun!


Camille (Strength of Nature/African Pride) Rep


Palmer’s Booth


Africa’s Best got us all in the summer mood with FREE ICE CREAM



Look Remember Rachel…she is on product promo with ORS (Curls Unleashed)

Another friend who has promo on products, Rachel!!! Yay I didnt know and so happy to see fellow friends around me who are the faces of products. I know what it’s like to be the face of a product, but it’s my goal to actual be on a product. ::Cross Fingers and Speaks it into the Universe :: a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-25 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-24


I met these two beautiful twins. I was walking around and they were like “Kiwi I read your blog”! Its good to know i have readers all over! They made me smile!



Will be doing a separate review on Black Radiance products!

a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-16 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-15 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-14 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-13


LOL at the Ampro Mascot!


I loved the Ampro Mascot. Too cute all brands should have a cartoon mascot!

a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-10 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-9 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-8 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-7 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-6 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-5 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-35 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-36 a-day-of-beauty-beauty-cents-mag-dollar-general-beauty-blogger-nashville-37 R&B singers and cover girl of Beauty Cents Mag performed on the main stage of #ADayofBeauty. A rich and strong voice that will always give me chills. She is amazing!


Keke Wyatts + I (love her)

I’ve met Keke Wyatt’s a few times before but always excited to be in her presence. I am happy I can be featured in a Beauty Cents Mag she is the cover girl for and share this event energy together.


Surprised! I am featured inside Beauty Cents Fall 2016 Issue


Myself with some of the beauty bloggers of #ADayofBeauty Photo credit : Klassy Kinks


Bloggers with the #ADayOfBeauty coordinator Phylencia Taylor Photo Credit: Klassy Kinks


I had an amazing time at my first ever attendance as a beauty blogger for #ADayofBeauty. It was so much fun…and yes an over abundance of products to which I can open up my own mini Dollar General store lol. Loved connecting with the other blogger women as well. Many of them I only knew or connected with them online so it was a great space for us to mingle and support each other as well! I really would love to come back next year. Dollar General did a great job of bringing the brands to the consumers, giving away lots of products as a thank you for shopping and discover beauty products that we weren’t aware were carried in Dollar General.

57595cf5324cc12c26fb7509_Fall 2016.Keke Wyatt (2) copy

BeautyCents Magazine is only in Dollar General but available nationwide for FREE

Dollar General’s own beauty magazine Beauty Cents Magazine showcases many of the beauty products showcased at the event just in case you didnt get a chance to attend and give tips on Fall Fashion, Beauty, Back to School, Hair, Makeup and more in the Fall Issue that is on stands now. Go to your local Dollar General and pick up your issue (FOR FREE!) and check out my blurb in the issue as well. Did I mention it’s free??? My goal is to go to #ADayofBeauty again next year for another amazing experience. This is a great annual event to attend if you love beauty and love free full sized products! I will definitely come back for that! Thanks for having me Dollar General + Beauty Cents magazine.

BeautyCentsMag.com #ADayofBeauty

What are your Thoughts on #ADayofBeauty Event?

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