Atlanta Family Fun | Summer At The Rock Celebrating the 35th Anniversary Lasershow Spectacular at Stone Mountain Park Monday 18 June, 2018

Thank you to Dekalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau at Stone Mountain Park for media accommodations for  Summer At The Rock Celebrating the 35th Anniversary Lasershow Spectacular.

It’s that time of year again and its Stone Mountain Park bringing back their Summer At The Rock experience. I say this everytime about Stone Mountain Park, I grew up in the area as a child, this was my first job at 16 and each and ever time I come back they are always revamping the experience. This was my families summer tradition, and if you grew up or even visited Atlanta prior, you will know its a family tradition for many in Georgia to take everyone to the lasershow before season is up.

My recap for Summer at the Rock will include the famous Lasershow Spectacular that I grew up on but has some cool new perks! I am always on super Auntie duty so I invited Monet (6), Kai (6), Jordan (10) and Tasia (13) to the park to experience the fun to jumpstart their summer. All of them are out for Summer Break and they got a chance to do some fun Stone Mountain Park activities before we experienced the nightshow!

Pre-Lasershow Fun


The Dinotorium, run by mad scientist Dr. McCavius, is four levels of fun and games that is sure to captivate you and your Dino Rangers-in-training. Featuring super slides, trampoline floors, climbing structures and over 65 interactive games for families and children (primarily ages 5-12).

 SkyHike® for beginners

SkyHike® to trek through the treetops on one of the nation’s largest family adventure courses.  No two hikes are the same!  Choose your path and challenge yourself while secured to the patented overhead safety system. Explore the quarter of a mile course with your kids.  Master suspended wooden bridges.  Leap from one wooden slat to another.  Balance on a single rope high above the ground.  Or climb to the top on vertical net bridges.

You can pick from a 12-foot high trail for beginners, a 24-foot high trail for those who are somewhat courageous, and the super challenge trail at nearly 40 feet (or 4 stories) up in the air! The kids did the beginners course this day.

Rockclimbing at SkyHike®

There is an option to do rockclimbing near the beginner area of the SkyHike®.  Jordan (10) and Monet (6) got a little adventurous and wanted to try it for the first time. To be honest both of them could not get up there fair, it was too much heightwise, but I was super proud of them!


– NEW #TrainShowGameShow
– NEW Junk Rock Band, an upbeat musical experience performed entirely with recycled materials!
– Back by popular demand! Dinosaur Explore features 20 dinosaurs representing 15 species, T. rex meet and greets, baby dinosaur interactions and a dino dig play area.
– The Lost World 4D Experience

*Hopefully I can come back to the park this summer and highlight these new attractions for you all.

Save on admission after 4 p.m. with a Sunset All-Attractions Pass which includes access to Park attractions from 4 p.m. until close as well as the a snack  terrace seat for the Lasershow.

Reserved Seating

When I used to go to the park as a child and even when I worked here they only had lawn seating. Meaning everyone would have to get blankets and sit on the huge lawn for the show. That was the fun of the lasershow, it was almost like a nighttime picnic! Well I was pleasantly surprised to know they have seating that gives you options outside of the lawn. That was perfect because I did bring blankets, but my friend forgot to bring blankets so this worked out perfectly this night.

Snack Terrace seating includes a reserved seat, unlimited popcorn, and an ice-cold bottled soft drink.

Premium Terrace seating includes the same as above, plus ice cream and a glow item. Terrace seating gives you the best seat in the house, plus makes it easy if you don’t want to lug chairs or a blanket onto the lawn.

We were seated in the premium section which was pretty cool because it was like a VIP experience for the lasershow. Again didnt have these option growing up to get unlimited about of popcorn, drinks and Dipping Dots! Oh the dipping dots were the ice cream on the lawn (ok I tried to make it go with icing on the cake lol). Kids loved the dipping dots but as you can see, the kids were ecstatic about the glow toys!


The main attraction of Summer At The Rock is experiencing 35th Anniversary Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision. The Lasershow Spectacular debuted in 1983 on the world’s largest screen, the 825-foot-tall granite outcropping. In 2008, for the 25th anniversary, the sound system and pyrotechnics for the Lasershow were amped up. The music selections were also diversified to match the increasingly diverse audience.

In 2011, Mountainvision was launched employing state-of-the-art digital video projection to give the show 3-D-like effects without the need for 3-D glasses. Video opened up a dramatic difference and allowed for new options that the lasers weren’t capable of. Mountainvision can do things like, turn Stone Mountain into a Volcano spewing lava down its sides or the rock crumble right before your eyes. The projection is five times the size of an IMAX screen and taller than the Statue of Liberty! It’s like watching a 5,500-inch high definition TV.

This Lasershow is definitely an upgrade from when I was a kid and an employee here. Mountainvision is amazing! I also loved that the kids glowsticks/glowands changed colors in-sync with the show. So if the show lighted up red, so does everyone’s glowsticks and wands! That amazed me. Your glowand become apart of the show and kids and big kids alike can marvel at the technology of the toy!

The show has transformed once again with new segments, improved drones, more overhead lasers and audience lighting effects.

The Lasershow is approximately 45 minutes in length with a mixture of lasershow effects, fire bombs and of course fireworks. You don’t have to wait until the 4th of July to see the fireworks in Georgia. People come far a wide to see the lasershow and the massive fireworks that happen all summer long! Summer scheduling starts at 9:30 p.m. nightly Lasershow and Fireworks Spectacular. Also Lasershow show is always free to all, but the attractions you will have to buy a pass.

The kids had so much fun. I thought I would know what to expect since going to Stone Mountain Park has been a family tradition of mine for years. It is definitely upgrade, hi-tech and visually stimulating for the kids. We all had a good time and definitely set the tone for our summer. We will be back to try the new Summer at the Rock rides and activities.

Summer at the Rock last from June 9th-July 29th

To learn more about Summer at The Rock and purchase tickets visit the link here.

Stone Mountain Park
1000 Robert E Lee Boulevard
Stone Mountain, GA 3008 3

What is your family Summer traditions?

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