Blogger Buzz Event of the Year: Family Dollar Fabulous Atlanta Recap (Day 1) Tuesday 10 November, 2015

I am so excited to tell you about my two day experience with Family Dollar! Seriously this was one of the best, well planned and executed events I ever been too and it was catered to bloggers! I am sorry this post is delayed because this was hosted last month, but the month of October was very busy for me as I went on 3 press trips back-to-back after this event so forgive me if I am late…but its worth it! I was hand selected to be a premiere Family Dollar Fabulous Blogger Ambassador to experience this one of a kind event!


Family Dollar hosted it’s 3rd annual blogger oriented extravaganza soiree event in Atlanta for two days. It was literally the buzz of the city. Family Dollar hand selected 40 bloggers mostly Atlanta locals and a few out of town blogger to experience the fun of this amazing event. I am serious you all know I am like the Atlanta “It Girl” when it comes to events. I am the Kim Kardashian of Atlanta events (not really) so when I say this was a super FAB event…I mean it blew me and the other bloggers away. It was luxurious, it was interactive, lots of things to do and see and it was full two days worth of amazement!  family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-1 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-4

So we started the event taking a charter bus full of us blogger to a local Family Dollar store. They just wanted to show us a preview of some of the beauty and fashion products the store already has. I wont lie…I do shop at Family Dollar occasionally but going into the store made me realize their beauty section was pretty extensive!

family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-2 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-5 So the second stop on the charter bus was to The World of Coca Cola. This has really nothing to do with Family Dollar per say, but it was a cute way to get the blogger to do a local attraction. I been before…but I got to do a full tour and we ate an amazing lunch and got a chance to listen to Coca-Cola’s marketing team in regards to diversity work with bloggers with the brand. Coca Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world and it was fun to learn more about it at this attraction!


Time for the Family Dollar Fab event!



This bag was given to all of the bloggers so we can stuff all of our swag in here. I had no idea really how much!

It’s time to experience the FAB! I was not ready for what they had in store. We went to the actual FAB festivities where we were welcomed with blinged out shirts, and a Family Dollar Branded traveling bag that was designed to fill all of our swag items. When I say I have days, months and even maybe a years worth of product because of this event…I.AM.NOT.JOKING. I am going to do a separate review and video of all of the items from this event beauty literally I can open a beauty supply store with all the product. As a matter of fact I can open my own mini Family Dollar chain with all the items…it was a lot!

family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-10 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-11 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-12 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-123 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-13 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-14 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-15

Day 1 Family Dollar Fab event:  I had an opportunity to visit and talk to brands of African Pride, Cantu Beauty, Body Fantasies, Luster’s Pink Brand, Edge Nails, Aunt Jackie’s, and Goody’s.

Each booth had their own interactive activations of fun, games, giveaways and demos of the products. All of these brands are featured in all of the Family Dollar stores nationwide, some of them I didn’t even know were in Family Dollar so it was great to interact with these brands. Neshante ( was my blogging buddy as we migrated to each station that day. We both had a ball as not only did we visit the booth and pick of swags, but got to talk to the marketing professional connecting the humans to the brands for a blogger brand connection.  family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-16

After the booth activation for that day, it wasn’t done yet. We all got changed and had our own Night VIP reception! As if they didn’t spoil us enough it was a night of music, food and drinks to mix and mingle with the blogger and brands. A mini celebration of the days activities and chicness! It was cute!


Some of the Fab Blogger + myself at the VIP Reception for Family Dollar Fab

This was only Day 1 and Day 2 is to follow! Family Dollar outdid themselves to cater to the bloggers and make us feel almost like mini celebrities. All of us was just for us, and crazy enough this isn’t the end of the recap. Stay tuned for Family Dollar Fabulous Day 2 Recap next post…

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Do you think Family Dollar is Fab for this?



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