{Celeb Spotlight} Meeting Ledisi + Essence Fest | Design Essentials Naturals Friday 17 July, 2015

Another Essence Festival Recap post woop woop! This one is extra special as I was able to get an up close and personal interview with soul singer Grammy nominated songstress Ledisi!


This was such a pleasure to finally meet her. She is so geuninely nice and bubbly…and guess what? We are already social media friends! It was cute, because when I came up to her she was signing autographs and I told her my name was Kiwi. I told her that we were following each other online after I posted a picture in front of her Design Essentials Mobile truck. She instantly said “OMG your Kiwi Beauty?!” That flipped me out and she said she like looking at my Instagram feed. Wow…when a celebrity follows you and likes your page that’s pretty cool!

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This is the Design Essentials mobile truck I stood in front of a few months back in Georgia where they stopped for the tour. She posted my picture on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…and she followed me from there! Ledisi told me this was the first time she saw her face on the truck so she was excited. Happy I could be the 1st person to post it for her!


So I briefly chatted with Ledisi at her Meet + Greet event inside of a Sally’s Beauty Supply store in New Orleans. She is the face and brand ambassador for Design Essentials new Naturals collection and wanted to talk more on that. Ledisi, being a woman who has been wearing locs for years loved being approached for this opportunity as she said she was a fan of the brand before being selected.



Ledisi’s Look Book

She showed me her Design Essentials Hair LookBook. She said people always ask her for hair inspiration and different ways to style it so this book was created for that. There are so many ways to style locs…so this is a great look book for woman who have locs and seeking variety! It explains moisturing tips, styling tips and beauty. This book and brand celebrations all people with natural hair, not just locs so this would be a great visual book to see how these products work!


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She says she loves about the natural hair movement the most is that we are no longer tolerating natural hair…but celebrating it! There are more products for everyone and various textures and it’s inspring more woman to let their hair be as it is and more options. This was her first time not being the artist performing at Essence and actually being an audience member and doing more speaking engagements. She enjoyed Missy Elliott’s performance and being inspired by other artist give their all on stage. She had a blast like the rest of us during her Essence Fest experience this year!


Ledisi Design Essence Mobile Bus is on Tour! To view a complete list of Ledisi’s tour dates and the accompanying mobile salon stops visit deheartledisi.com


I want to personlly thank Ledisi for allowing me to speak wit her during her DE Heart Ledisi Mobile Truck tour in New Orleans. Follow her on social media everywhere at @Ledisi and #DEHEARTSLEDISI


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