Centric Happy Hour Tour Atlanta featuring Donell Jones Friday 26 April, 2013

I am really excited to recap this special event I attended last month for Centric Happy Hour ToursCentric TV brought the Happy Hour Tour  to Atlanta and toured to 10 cities that featured a different celebrity artist to be highlighted and perform for the event.

I was excited and super blessed that Centric TV brought Donell Jones, my absolutely FAVORITE R&B singer in the entire universe to Atlanta. You guys have no idea! Seriously…I am not joking when I say he is my favorite R&B singer. There was NO way I was missing this event and grateful he was chosen to tour Atlanta **school girl screams**

The event was very upscale, with posh custom decor, free complimentary promo items from Centric TV,  fun photo booths, complimentary happy hour drinks sponsored by Crown Royal Black and it was super social media interactive with the hashtag of the evening being #CentricHappyHour.

 Check Out Some Pictures Below of the Decor & Photo Booth Fun!




My good friend Toya & I having a good time during happy hour!

My blogging buddy Naeemah Jade & I being goofs in the photo booth!

Having too much fun getting caught up in the photobooth mix!


The Man of the hour, Donell Jones finally hit the stage & Miss Thang (aka Me) was front row & center to enjoy the moment. For Donell Jones to be my favorite artist, I never had the opportunity to attend his concert and this meant a lot to me, being in a intimate private exclusive concert with him to celebrate his talents.

He performed all of my favorite songs such as his hits “You Know That I Love You”, “Knocks Me Off My Feet”, “I’m Gonna Be”, “You Know What’s Up”, “Forever” and my absolute favorite song in life is “Where I Wanna Be”.

When he sang “Where I Wanna Be” live it was a very magical & surreal moment for me. That has been my favorite song since I was 13 years old. Over 10+ years later it is still a classic R&B song and my song was personified in the flesh with Mr.Jones singing it right in front of my face.

I was recording and taking it all in at the same time. I barely could hold my camera to capture him properly because I was caught up in the beauty of the song. Now “Where I Wanna Be” if you don’t know isn’t the most romantic song lyrically but it’s pretty deep. About a man who has been with his woman so for a long period of time, but although he loves her, he needs to venture out to see what else is out there (a.k.a to see if the grass is greener of the other side).

Super fan girl with her digital fan sign!

Ok so while the performance was going on with Donell Jones, I was a super dorky fan girl. I was front row & center with my handy dandy ipad and took it as an opportunity to show him how much I loved him. I was his #1 fan!!

My digital created fan sign for Donell Jones. I love you Donell Jones!!!


After the performance I got the opportunity of my dreams to meet my favorite R&B Singer!

If you are reading this, I don’t think you know how serious I am about my love for this man!

I was the first one to take a picture with him right after his performance. I wanted to let him know I am a super fan of his; that Donell Jones radio is my top radio station on Pandora. How “Where I wanna Be” is my favorite song & album of all time. That I appreciate his style of R&B and it thoroughly missed in today’s current music.

I also asked him if he will sing at my wedding (I’m dead serious).

He said of course, so Mr.Jones keep your promise.

photo credit: Centric TV Facebook Page

Exciting information that I’ve just learned, that this wasn’t just a regular concert tour. Centric TV has a new seriers on it’s network called Centric Live, that will be featuring this performance and all of the other artist on the Centric Happy Hour Tour.  So stayed tuned for that airing on Centric TV soon (TBA).

Donell is prepping for the release of his comeback album Forever, currently scheduled to be released in stores on June 18 via E1 Music. His current single of the same title “Forever” will be the wedding engagement/proposal song of 2013.

Watch the Forever the new video below:

In a world where R&B music is not blurred between hip-hop & stripper music, please support real sultry sexy R&B again. Let’s support Donell Jones, the R&B veteran who I know can rebirth R&B again!

Donell Jones website // facebook // twitter // instagram

Centric Tv website // facebook // twitter // instagram

Check out the Centric Happy Hour pics online with hashtag #CentricHappyHourTour

Love Social Media-lite,





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