How to Dress Like a Classic Man with Harrison Blake Apparel Co. Tuesday 12 September, 2017

As a blogger, I know you guys are used to seeing me in photos, maybe even model from time to time but Im not the only one who models. I actually love taking others photos too. I am a natural photographer and getting back to my roots of blogging of capturing myself and others.I don’t know about you all, but I love a dapper man. A classic man like Jidenna, but it seems like many men do not get dressed up as often as they should. Love Jidenna, the coined musical iconic “Classic Man” of our modern times, I wished more men dressed like him! I appreciate casual dressed guys too, but it is something special about a man who pays extra special attention to what they wear. The little details, the color scheme and the overall fashion of their attire. I did a fun collaboration with a menswear line called Harrison Blake Apparel Co. and I asked my good friend Carlton to be my model.

Meet Carlton. I have known him for years and I asked him to be my male model for this Harrison Blake collaboration. He also needed some professional photos for himself as he is a budding author and a Youtuber so this was beneficial for the both of us. He did an amazing job as my male muse for the day. I truly think he did this before or he did some great practicing beforehand, but nonetheless the shots came out amazing and I was able to style him greatly with the Harrison Blake accessories. Harrison Blake has a monthly subscription service and I am going to showcase two of the Monthly Dapper Club items.

This first look is very stylish but very complementary as you can wear this causally or to many different kinds of events. With all of the Monthly Dapper Club packages you will get 1 Necktie + 4 Matching Accessories each month. This look is from the May 2017 Monthly Package (which is still available for ordering); this included maroon anchored designed necktie, matching plaid pocket square, Harrison Blake (HB) branded Dad cap, a ring (not pictured), American flag designed ankle socks (not pictured) and a Harrison Blake collapsable water bottle (not pictured). Check out the styling of the look below.

click the image to link to this look

This next look was a little out the box but it was fun to style. This was also apart of a previous monthly package that came pre-assembled to put together and these items were definitely different for styling purposes. What came with this Monthly package included yellow modern floral necktie, pink camouflaged themed pocket square, gold collar bar, anchor woven bracelet and penny loafer keychain. I think this is a bolded styled look. The man would definitely stand out at any event with this look and the pairing of the accessories. My favorite were the gold collar bar (which goes under the necktie) and the anchored bracelet. Check out the looks below.

This particular look as a whole cannot be bought as a package deal anymore as it is no longer available but there are still so many fun accessories and neckties to spruce up any formal menswear. 

The Monthly Dapper Club is an easy way to get all of these accessories per month and helps men style their clothes and take it to the next fashion level. I would highly recommend getting this package if you are a man or the man if your life need new ways to jazz up a suit but do not know where to get the items. Not only is there a Monthly Dapper Club, but also a Floral Tie Club and Bowtie Club

If you want to just browse around without having to sign up for a certain Harrison Blake club, you can shop by neckties, lapel pins and other accessories. I love Harrison Blake’s accessories tab because its so many items to wear and novelty items that are fun fashion pieces or even great gifts for men. We all know men can be hard to shop for, so for the upcoming holiday this is an easy place to shop online for items for the guy in your life. He will be an instant Classic Man!

Harrison Blake Apparel Co. is a great menswear brand. Its classy, modern and everything is affordable. Harrison Blake Apparel delivers high quality men’s accessories at a great price. The style and variety of products are sure to please any gentleman. Their goal is to become well known by men of all backgrounds to become the go-to retailer for dapper accessories.

Check out for more information on the brand.

Thanks Carlton for being my model for this photoshoot collaboration Check out his book review Youtube channel here.

Photo Credit: Kiwi (

Which look is your favorite dapper style?

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