[Foodie Review] Tin Can Fish House Oyster Bar | Brookhaven Location Thursday 08 December, 2016

Where-To-Eat-Atlanta-Tin-Can-Fish-House-Oyster Bar-Food-Review Hey Kiwi The Foodie is here to give you another food review on where to eat in Atlanta. I got a chance to sample the Tin Can Fish House Oyster Bar that has a new location in the Brookhaven area and it was a seafood delight. It’s known for their variety of seafood light bite options – so if seafood is you thing I think this would be a great spot for you to try!


Rockafella Oysters with cream of spinach, a garlic sauce and bread crumbs

We started off with a variety of oyster selections. I will be honest I skipped the raw oysters (not my personal thing) but when I was on Carnvial Cruise I was introduced to Rockafella Oysters. They are oysters that are baked filled with spinach and cream cheese. Let me say if you don’t like the texture of traditional raw oysters, Rockafella oysters will definitely change your mind. Its so good and it’s a great dress up to raw oysters. I had several of these.


Baked Oysters In garlic jalapeño butter topped with parmesan cheese

Tin Can Fish House had another spin on baked oysters where they added jalepenos and besides the Rockafella ones, these were amazing! I think I honesty like these more than the Rockafella its something about the jalepenos that gave it a surprising kick! I also had several of these. I used to not be an oyster girl, but if they are baked like these I will have multiple helpings. Its so good. My friend went with me, she hate oysters and when she tried this, she was surprised also also joined me on the oyster conversion. Baked oysters are life!


beside Bang Bang Lobster RollsI

My next appetizer was these delicious Bang Bag Lobster Roll. The sweet roll and lobster combo was amazing. They give you two of these and I almost got full off of this alone. If you come here I highly recommend you try this.


Pick and Peel Shrimp

Im a shrimp girl so I had to try the Peel’ em Shrimp. They are huge shrimp prawns boiled to perfection. Great seasoning and it was some of the most flavorful shrimp I had in a long time. True authentic and fresh shrimp. I demolished this bowl!


Ahi Tuna and Avocado toastie

Tin Can Fish House have their own signature apps called Toasties. They are basically toasted bread topped with a seafood combo of flavors. The Ahi Tuna and Avocado one was my favorite. I never had anything like it. Gave me a very tropical flavor, very similar to ceviche served on bread. Simply delish!


Salmon Toastie

If you are into salmon this is their toastie version. It was good and fresh.


I love this seafood spot. Its intimate and a great date night or cocktail hour hangout during the week. If you are into small meals over full plate for a dinner choice this is your spot! Please check out the Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar in Brookhaven and there is also a location in Sandy Springs.

Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar

705 Town Blvd #320, Brookhaven, GA 30319

Which one of the SeaFood Bites Would You Try?

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