The month of February is busy (My birthday is this month)! I know everyone has their feelings over Valentine’s Day but I can call myself the Queen of Galentine’s Day. I have been celebrating for ten years this year throwing parties and hosting a Girl Night Out celebration since 2012.

My very first Galentines Event in 2012. Ten years of Celebrating The Gals!

A beautiful way to celebrate my ten year Galentines-versary was to have the pleasure of hosting my own advance screening of Amazon Original Movie of “I WANT YOU BACK” in Atlanta. Fun fact: The entire movie was filmed in Atlanta, so that was enjoyable to watch!

Check out the trailer below of this twist on a rom-com!

Terrified that, in their 30s, they have lost their shot at happily ever after and horrified at the prospect of having to start over, Peter (CHARLIE DAY) and Emma (JENNY SLATE) hatch a desperate plot to win the loves of their lives back.  Each will do whatever it takes to put an end to their exes’ new relationships and send them running back to their arms. The film also stars Scott Eastwood and Gina Rodriguez.

We had a pandemic safe outing with a fully rented a movie theater for me to host this film with my gals before its nationwide release. I always theme my events so this was RED HEARTS + RED LIPS ATTIRE. Everyone understood the assignment!

Check out my GALs for this #IWANTYOUBACKMOVIE screening.

If you’re inspired, make it a “GNO” or a pre-valentine’s day couples’ night, this hilarious rom com is perfect for everyone!

I hosted the Galentines GNO screening for #IWANTYOUBACKMOVIE in Atlanta

The movie was not your average rom-com. I definitely laughed more than anything in this movie. I actually feel like I went through all the emotions happy, sad, cringe, shock, tears, but mostly happy! I love this movie is from both a male and female perspective so don’t call this a CHICK FLICK! I would love for more films to have both a male a female protagonist in rom-coms so they can show equally how both genders can fall in love or deal with heartbreak! Also if you’re a fan of Little Shops of Horrors, you will love their piece in this film ::nostalgia:: I highly recommend to see this film show a different way how love can be “played” out.

Thank you to Amazon Prime Video for sponsoring the event for my friends!

I WANT YOU BACK streams on Amazon Prime Video February 11th #IWantYouBack

Do you have plans for Galentine’s Day?

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