Natural Hair Tip: #MakeItReign with HeadWraps This Summer Wednesday 13 June, 2018

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Summer is here and so many things are about to take off. First of all I will be doing some serious traveling, a little getaway for a few weeks internationally for my own spiritual break. While I am on my summer sabbatical, I want to not do as much to my hair as possible. I cut my hair recently, and although its less maintenance, sometimes I just dont want to be bother with it at all. So I decided I will be rocking more headwraps this summer, especially while traveling. I want to showcase how I am empowering myself with my new headwrap and hairstyle as there is a reason why I cut my hair!

Headwraps are not new at all, but for me they are. I always used to let my wild, curly and big hair dominate and it wasn’t in hiding at all. My hair was always seen. I never even thought to try to rock headwraps before, I thought I had too much hair. Well now, I am embracing headwrap and I think they are so cute. This particular one I am wearing, my friend gifted this to me from her trip to Kenya recently.

As a woman I feel like many of us think our hair is our focal point. Our beauty. At least that is what I used to think. I used to believe strongly if my curly hair wasn’t long and curly super definitely, my beauty wasn’t radiating. This is exactly why I cut my hair. I felt I was using my hair as a vanity tool, and didn’t believe I would be as attractive without a lot of curly hair. Well guess what, I cut my hair shorter but it is still a lot and it is still curly!

India Arie said it best twelve years ago, I am not my hair. Before the Dora Miaje and Amber Rose, she rocked a bald hairstyle boldly. When I cut my hair I felt liberated and free from society pressures that long hair is better. That curly big hair was the only way I would stand out and get attention. I do not believe this anymore and as a matter of fact these headwrap will condense my hair and prove hair isnt everything. I love headwraps and they are freeing! I even feel like a goddess. A Queen. My headwrap is my crown. All crowns don’t have to sparkle!

I love my hair shorter, but I will be growing it out again. As I grow so will my hair. For now, I m making it reign with less is more with my mane. Speaking of Making it Reign, I’m love television series that features strong leading female character called Queen of  the South. I am just now starting to binge on USA Network original series of Queen of The South, that follows a woman named Teresa Mendoza on the show who now has to make it reign under some severe circumstances.

I’m currently catching myself up on Queen of the South in which seasons one and two are on Netflix. If you’re looking for a new series to get hooked on, Queen of the South is it. I hope I inspired you all to Make It Reign with your own beauty standards like I did, and empower yourself.   If Teresa is the Queen of the South, I am the Queen of my own crown [head]. I’m Teresa Mendoza approved!

Stay tuned and check out how Teresa #MakeItReign herself in season 3 of Queen of the South which will feature guest stars; Remy Ma, Snow Tha Product and Michel Duval! Tune into USA Network Thursday, June 21st at 9/8c and every Thursday for Queen of the South.  

How do you Make It Reign in your Everyday Life?

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