I’m Having a Heat-Free Summer Tuesday 30 July, 2013

I don’t know where you are, but I am in Atlanta…aka HOTLANTA.

It may be hot outside but my hair will have nothing to do with the extra heat. It’s too hot for EXTRA heat don’t you agree?

As most of you all know I am natural, and I have been for quite some time and I decided to embrace my naturalness to the max…by having a heat-free summer.  How am I doing that?

No FLAT-IRON, No sitting under a DRYER, and No BLOWDRYER!

That is was a struggle because everyone who knows me prior to me having a “heat-free summer” knew I liked to straighten my hair . I thought straight hair is manageable hair…but I just got tired of the same ol’ same ol’.

Last summer it was so hot, and yet I kept brainwashing myself to straighten it. I didn’t know any other way to do my hair.

But living in HOTLANTA, and not being a “weave-wearer” I sweated my natural hair out frequently…which meant frequently straightening my hair with a flat-iron. I was MARRIED to a flat-iron.

I had to break the cycle. I said I wasn’t going through this summer, worried about my hair being straight. To try something different, and being the daring Aquarius that I am I just decided no more flat-iron, as a matter of fact no more HEAT. It’s hot enough, why torture my hair with even MORE heat?

The Heat-Free Me

Going natural for me years ago was liberating enough where I would never perm my hair for straighen look again. I am so happy this natural hair movement is growing more and more because now it’s even more liberating for me to rock my curly hair. I have always loved curly big hair and now I feel free to embrace it more. Even more so that I don’t have to feel the NEED to straighten my hair because I have been programmed to do that.

I almost forgot what I looked like with straight hair. But there is nothing wrong with straighten “natural” hair either. I rocked straighten natural hair for 7 years…and for the 1st time in my 8 years of being all natural I am EMBRACING MY CURLS 100%.

Yes it’s more maitanince, yes it took me a while to figure out my new heat-free hair regimen but I am happy to be heat free this summer. It’s like breaking off the shackles of your chains. And people love it, and more importantly I love it!

I will be straighening it again come the fall, less humidity, but until then I am a…



Love, Grace & Kissy Face,

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  • goodlooknout says:

    I like that regimen. I only straighten my hair to trim it. I do it every 3 months. Works for me!

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