Lover’s Lane: Don’t Shoot Cupid Yet Wednesday 13 February, 2013

In honor of Valentine’s Day & the #BLMBlogHop I want to share a holiday related posting on Love & How not to Shoot Cupid this season.


Love is in the air and some people want to get a gas mask before they gag to death. Februray people have to endure more balloons, flowers, candy, stuff animals, mushy cards to remind people that Valentine’s Day is coming and that can be a drab if you are not in a casual relationship with someone.

Feb.14 is the universal reminder for some how one does not have a significant other and that cupid was stupid this year. Cupid missed the mark and now you want to shoot the messenger for making this day a living hell and miserable. Before you get angry and shoot cupid for his horrible aim, stop and think about why you are upset with this holiday. So cupid didn’t find you a mate in time to help celebrate the holiday…is he really to blame?


Do you really need this holiday to showcase that you are cared about? Do you need one day out of the year to prove someone cares and will go through impressive lengths to adorn you will presents and fancy dinners. Do you need those cliches to broadcast to all of your friends/family/social media that Feb.14 someone is into you? That is utter madness. One day out of the entire year shouldn’t put you in a love rut. This day shouldn’t make you miserable or left out because you didn’t get a box of chocolate. Cupid is still doing his job, he doesn’t just come around once a year to fulfill dinner reservations for people to book on this day. If you are going to shoot him because you need this day to prove a point then you will be miserable 364 days of the year when rose/chocolate/dinner/teddy bear day is over!

If you do not have a specific Valentines this year, why don’t you ask Cupid to provide you with a mate that can celebrate you beyond Feb.14th? That can spoil you with gifts & fancy dinner reservations without a holiday being attached to it? Wouldn’t that be more special? For some Valentine’s Day is a reason to over pour their affection to someone, and for others it’s just another day. Cupid will always be working around the clock for those open to LOVE outside of February but you can’t shoot him down because he didn’t reach the mark in time for V-day. Instead of whining just pour you some wine & enjoy this day!

Love comes in the most mysterious ways, and Cupid will only hit you when it is time not because it’s V-Day. Be optimistic and don’t go looking for love just this holiday. Just celebrate the day after with discounted candy (that’s honestly my favorite part of V-day).

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  • marie young says:

    #Word! This lesson many people never really understand. Great post chica!

  • Bobbie says:

    Kiwi….This post is on point.

  • Andrea says:

    Poor Cupid! Homeboy works 24/7 yet he only gets a paycheck once I year. Tomorrow will just be Thursday for me. If my husband has something played it will definitely be a surprise. #blmhop

    • I know Cupid get a bad rep! LOL about him getting paid only once a year, but hey it’s a great lump sum of money that is spend in that one day so maybe he has the best paying job ever!

  • Alicia says:

    I’m married and the holiday is really not a big deal! Every year my Valentine’s is daughter, I celebrate with her because I need her to understand it is perfectly ok to celebrate Valentine’s with friends and family {boyfriends are not required} or even not at all. But society portrays Valentine’s day as a money racking holiday for couples that last 24 hours!

    • Thanks Ally for sharing that! I spoil myself every Valentines Day whether I have one or not and buy me something fun because I love this holiday! I love the hearts and mushy stuff so why not myself? I’m sure your daughter is very appreciative of you!

    • I love celebrating Vday with friends! Boyfriends & Hubbys are not required and better believe when I have kids they will be my ulitimate Valentines! A Valentine’s can be anyone!

  • Nicole says:

    I always love valentine’s day:) but it is only one day out of the year so having a valentine doesn’t matter one bit if you don’t feel the love the other 364 days#BLMBlogHop

    • See you got my drift! I love Valentine’s Day and I am not saying to not embrace the day and love it, but people need not to dwell just on the 1 day! The person who has your heart and affection should show you Valentine type of love on a regular basis. The single ones should also seek a mate who could do the same, not just get depressed on this Hallmark holiday.

  • Jamillah (Soukle) says:

    My girl Kiwi just preached a sermon!!! But I totally agree if you lack love and one day is keeping you from the fullness of glory then you need to have a seat. One day of flowers is good for those in relationships because we put up with crap 364 other days, the great, good, bad and ugly. So my honey tells me it’s Valentine’s Day every day.

  • Sas says:

    I have never really believed in Valentines day, and I probably would not whether I have a person in my life. However, I do believe if I had to choose a valentine, I would start with self love first. People should not focus so much on a man made holiday.

    • I love the self-love Valentines! I get myself a self-love present every year! I don’t think people should take the holiday so seriously and become depress, but I do also believe people can enjoy this holiday just like any other holiday. Make it fun, most holidays are an excuse for me to come with a theme social party to throw.

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