If I could describe the HUSTLERS movie by a song lyric, I would choose Jay’s 2003 hit song ‘Dirt Of Your Shoulder’, “Ladies is pimps too“. In Atlanta it’s considered the stripclub captial of the world, and since I live here I can tell you it is very true. Thanks to hip hop culture over the last few decades stripping has became very glamorous. As glamorous as it looks, have you ever consider it to be scandalous and fradulent place to scam men without even doing anything sexual?


Working as a stripper to make ends meet, Destiny’s life changes forever when she becomes friends with Ramona — the club’s top money earner. Ramona soon shows Destiny how to finagle her way around the wealthy Wall Street clientele who frequent the club. But when the 2008 economic collapse cuts into their profits, the gals and two other dancers devise a daring scheme to take their lives back.


My Opinion

Hustlers movie is based off this true story written by a journalist who interview an ex-stripper turned con artist on her side of the story which this movie was recreated from ‘The Hustlers at Scores“. If you want to read the article please click here and it will definitely give you the vivid story on how the “hustle” came about. I did read the article prior to watching the film and the movie did an EXCELLENT job of telling the story as accurate as the original journalist published it back in 2015.

What makes this story so shocking that it was created into a movie in the first place is that I believe people underestimate that women can be “hustlers” and scammers. Especially to the degree that the women took charge and created this new line of business with sex as a backdrop. It also makes sense how these ex-strippers created this system to scam to make money. Although certain strippers can make a plethora of money easily just dancing on the pole, it makes sense how they decided to move to a new financial outlet especially since it took place around the height of the 20072008 recession.

Now lets talk about the cast a little! Wow what a beautiful diverse cast. I love inclusivity and think this is the first time you see a full spectrum of racial diversity to this extent. Especially with the theme of strippers being the stars of the film, it shows in that industry it does come in all colors, races, shades and shapes because men do feed into different fantasies. Also may I please add that JLo is currently 50 years old and playing a stripper. She is one of the best looking 50 year olds in the world – so for her to play a stripper and show off her body…this was legendary alone! Just remember when you check out the film – she is really 50!

What’s even more interesting is that although one will assume this is another stripper movie (i.e. 90s classic of Showgirls and Player Club) this is actual an anti-stripper movie. So sorry to disappoint anyone, especially men, who think they are going to tune into this film to see women taking it all off. It’s actually the opposite.

In a weird way this movie is about girl power, the power of taking control of their sexuality and reversing it to scam. To take a degrading job title and flipping it to put themselves in a position of power and do it as a group of women. So yes girl power never looked so scandalous.

featuring Cardi B.

Cardi B, one of the top female rapper in the industry right now made a grand appearance in her first film. She is no stranger to the pole, as everyone knows Cardi B’s cinderella-ish success story from her going from being a stripper herself to the celebrity she is today. So needless to say, she played herself prior to the fame. She had a minor role but nonetheless it was fun to watch her (and no she didnt utter not one Okurrrr in the movie).

featuring Lizzo

Lizzo, one of the top pop stars of 2019 also made an appearance in this film. Like Cardi B, this is her first film as well and had a minor role. Lizzo seemed to have blown up overnight this year (even though ‘Truth Hurts’ debuted back in 2017) so for her to already land a movie next to top actresses in the industry is amazing!

Lizzo in her real life is all about girl power and woman empowerment no matter what size you are. Her confidence is just explosive, so for her to portray a plus sized stripper is also iconic! When was the last time you see that portrayed in media without it being a butting joke? Lizzo is beauitful inside and out and her being placed in the film for more body positive inclusivity is another plus to see this movie!

Overall this movie was amazing. Although the theme is basically Strippers + Sex + Scams it is a true cautionary tale I think everyone should consider anyone can be a hustler. There are too many movies with men being the top guns, putting themselves in positions of power and ruling with their own scam, corruption and illegal activity but there are women who are doing their fair share as well. Another thing, this movie humanizes strippers and shows them not just being sexual, but women with real needs and bringing to life women who are in an industry where misogyny thrives. It shows the dangers of men, especially wealthy men who use their money to buy and degrade women, and maybe a little karma is served. But I will say, the way they scammed the men, it is an eye opener and it should be a warning to EVERYONE to be aware of your surroundings, yes even with pretty loosed dressed women.

Most importantly the ending proves just like any criminal focused film that the greed of money, not matter what industry can get the best of you and can get you caught up.  Moral of the the story: Don’t put anything past a sexy woman. Strippers can scam too! As Bel Biv Divoe said in their 90s hit, ‘Poison’, “Never trust a big butt and a smile“…maybe you really shouldn’t.

HUSTERS hits theaters on Sept 13th

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