{Movie Trailer} TLC Biopic Movie is going to be CRAZYSEXYCOOL Friday 26 July, 2013


OR THE INTERNET (No you can’t stop the internet)…OK STOP ALL SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION RIGHT NOW! Do me a favor at watch the new Vh1 TLC Movie Trailer.

Did you see that? I felt this. I literally the entire time watching this movie trailer, my eyes were wide and my body had the chills while I was watching it. Only a true TLC fan can appreciate and feel the love I already have for the realistic re-enactment of one the biggest girl group in history. Read here on my fangirl love for TLC and how I am pretty much obessessed.

There has been lots of controversy and negative critistism over the casting of the Vh1 biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story“. Some believed that the stars who played the 90s R&B trio Drew Sidora (T-Boz), Lil Mama (Left-Eye) & Keke Palmer (Chilli) wouldn’t be able to accurately protray the women, but I think that is further from the truth.

Especially Keke Palmer. I knew she would do Chili’s role justice! Look at the hair, look at those baby hairs! No seriously her feautres and everything screams Chilli to a tee…I am so proud of Miss Akeelah and the Bee!(I am not going to lie – I was a little worried about Lil Mama playing Left Eye but she might actually pull it off…we will see).

As one of the Ultimate TLC fans ever…I am too stoke for this. I am serious. Everyone who knew me knows one of my favorite Albums of all time was CRAZYSEXYCOOL. I was 9 years old, and fangirling to this trio and I knew nothing about being sexy but embraced the crazy and cool aspect of the ladies.


The early 90s were all about the tomboy look and saggy attire and bright colors, in which they embodies it perfectly when they initially came out, but when the CRAZYSEXYCOOL album debut the sexy came in! The Atlanta-based group showed the world that women can be sexy and a little tomboyish while being feminine and talented! It was amazing, unique and definitely made them stand out as a girl group! TLC achieved mega-superstar success releasing three multiplatinum albums (Ooooooohhh… On the TLC Tip, CrazySexyCool, and Fanmail) and setting fashion trends. Who goes multiplatium anymore? Nobody!

But like many groups, they had their share of troubles. They had controversial headlines starting with the Left-Eye and Andre Risen fire story, to their financial woes, and of course the sudden death of Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes that ultimately put the TLC group success to a halt.

All in all, I know the movie will cover the up and downs of the epic group that is TLC. Watching the trailer brought my childhood memories back to life, almost making me relive the memory of the success of this dynamic trio. The goosebumps are real…because I feel TLC is back. TLC celebrates it’s 20th anniversary of their success and fame and this movie will be the kickstart of a possible comeback and honor and relive their accomplishments.

Someone please teleport me back to the 90s!

::the original TLC interview from 1993::

Do you think this biopic movie will do TLC justice? I will sum it up in one hashtag #TLCisBACK

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  • Kayla Campbell says:

    Hi I just watched Crazysexycool Movie the TLC story last night. I had never even heard of them before its like my new favorite movie and group.

    • You never heard of TLC? You must be a 90s/00s baby but that is ok! Girl go listen to Oooo on the TLC Tip, CraxySexyCool, FanMail & 3D {left eye will not be on that one}. I like movies where you may not have known the person but end up falling in love after the movie – that is how I felt about Selena. Selena was epic for me and I hope TLC was epic for you as it was for me growing up.

  • Adrienne says:

    Never heard of them but I love all types of music so this will be interesting!

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