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Ok it’s that time of year again where Kiwi is sick of her hair! I’ve been blogging kind of without even tell you all what I did. So last year I dyed my hair blonde, but that blonde had to go! It had a nice run, literally for an entire year – but I was over it. Over the last few years I have went through dramatic hair changes. Your hair can be a reflection of your figuratively and literally. I change my hair because I am going through changes, good ones! I guess I just want to switch my hair up a bit everytime I slightly mature…to see the physical growth of myself via my hair – does that make sense?


In 2011, I dyed my hair orange/red for the first time in my life I changed the color. And I haven’t stopped! Since 2011 – up until now I have not let my hair be the same color! Let me bullet point the year and the changes my hair went.

  • 2011 – (not pictured) I changed my natural hair color and added Red/Orange to the front of my hair. The back remained natural.
  • 2012– I let my hair grow out into a red/orange ombre color. Coincedently the world was calling it a trend (I just didnt know what color I wanted to dye it so I let it grow out – so hipster of me).
  • 2013– I did a big leap of faith, hair still ombre but I wanted to go full blown curly! No more making myself be straight with my hair…I went on a 8 month no-heat challenge. Summer/Fall of this year I drastically dyed my hair BLONDE (natural color in the back)!

It’s 2014, and since drastically dying my hair blonde, I have been featured in several natural hair campaigns with the Miss Jessies brand (magazine features, website, billboards, beauty supply stores). Going fully curly for the 1st time since I was a kid last year was an amazing decision. It liberated me and got me national attention. The blonde just added a bit to my personality. But the blonde had to go, the curly can stay. So it was time to go to my beautician and let my transformation begin again. Oops, yes I decided to dye my hair again!


Ok scratch what I just said about dyeing my hair. I didn’t technically dye my hair. I put a rinse on top of all the blonde. Honestly the blonde was become too harsh for my strands. I thought over time it was getting better, but it was becoming more and more fragile. It was fun ride while it lasted, but yeah I wont be bleaching/permanent dyeing my hair for a while. My hairstylist Free of Salon Nori, yes the same one who dyed my hair blonde last year did my hair again this year. It’s literally been a year since we did the dramatic hair dye of blonde, but I had to see if Red Head’s had more fun.


Do Red Heads Have More Fun?


Ta-da! Immediately I found out that Red Heads Do Have More Fun! I was instantly in love! The curls were spiral wanded and the rinse came out great! I will be honest the color I wanted came out a bit brighter than I thought from the bottle, but it’s still cool! Thank you Free for doing it again! I am in love, and change is great! But I have a slight secret about the rest of the hair transformation. kiwi-the-beauty-hair-transformation-curly-hair-dyed-beauty-blogger-red-hair-indique-hair

I am actually wearing weave! OMG yes Kiwi is wearing weave! Like an actual sew-in, not the clip-ins I’ve been wearing all summer! There is real hair sewn into my hair by Indique Hair. I have been working with Indique for a while and for the 1st time in years, I actually have someone else hair on top of my hair. I just wanted t break from touching my strands. The weather is changing and I wanted more length to complete my rinse/dye job. The virgin hair that I am wearing is from the SEA Collection, which specialize in variously curly hair textures. Curly girls can benefit from some weave from time -to – time.  I used to be so opposed to it, I like my hair being free…but I said change is good! Sometime you have to switch it up, do something different, step outside your comfort-zone…literally! Do you know weave itch?? Not the hair, but your hair braided and tighten it just itch! OMG I almost didn’t make it…I almost ripped it out day 3 because I couldn’t scratch my scalp! I promised myself I would go at least 2-3 months. It’s already been mostly a month of it in my hair so far and I still like the results.  fiji-curl-indique-hair-virgin-hair-extensions-atlanta

My hair isnt this long, but the The Fiji Curl seemed to achieve the texture I wanted and blended with mine perfectly. Fiji Curl texture is South East Asian hair that has undergone a special 3-day steaming process to create a tightly defined & heavily textured curl pattern. “Each piece of SEA Collection hair is guaranteed to be non-shedding, tangle-free, and effortlessly manageable. “With each piece of SEA, you can expect thick, strong hair with a consistent fullness almost completely throughout along with unrivaled longevity”, asserts Ericka Dotson, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Indique Hair.

Thanks to Free (Salon Nori) + Indique Hair for transforming my hair and providing me with a great change to my ever evolving hair. If you are interested in salon services or virgin hair boutique in the Atlanta area check out the locations below.

312 N Highland Ave. NE
Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: 404.974.4680

Salon Nori
3505 Gwinnet Pl Dr Suite 103
Duluth, Georgia 30096
phone: (770) 232-1226
Days: Tues-Saturday // Ask for Free // walk-in welcome

Do you like my red hair?
When was the last time you changed your hair, or if you haven’t switched it up in a while what would you do to spruce up your tresses?

Love Your Favorite Blogger,

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