RECAP|Atlanta Street Food Festival with Carl Thomas + Vivian Green Saturday 25 June, 2016

street-fest-atlanta-2016-festival-food-truck-2 Kiwi The Foodie is making another appearance as it is still festival season and I recapped The Atlanta Street Food & Music Festival (ASFMF). This is an annual event that showcased over 60 Atlanta area food trucks and over 40,000 in attendance (2015) while bringing awareness to this growing community that provides high end, quality food in a unique way. Attendees enjoyed a day full of high-quality, main-stage entertainment while giving back to Atlanta’s beloved charity, the Giving Kitchen. I love this year they combined food + entertainment a great way to bring the essence of the start of summer at Stone Mountain park (basically my backyard).

I apologize I am a little delayed on this post (and with a lot of my blog postings) due to I broke my hand so it was harder to type and move. I have a little more mobility with my fingers now so I can give you the review…but yes be patient with my blogs as of lately I am still injured. You will even see me slightly in this post with my hand in a soft hand splint. Just FYI…but I still went injured and all!

street-fest-atlanta-2016-festival-food-truck-3 street-fest-atlanta-2016-festival-food-truck-4

I will be honest, I did go last year to the Atlanta Street Food Festival and the turn out was so huge that the lines were massive and sadly I could only try one truck. This year way more organized, they broke it up into 2 days and the lines were not as extensive so I got to try multiple trucks this year! Best way to experience a food truck fest is to try more than one truck!


So many food trucks to dive into, you guys should know me by now I love me a good food truck. The really great thing about the ATL Street Food Truck Fest is they bring out trucks I’ve never seen before. So it’s an introduction to a new food style and truck in the city which I was excited for.


Thomas English Muffins and Bagels were the premiere sponsors of the Street Food Truck Fest this year. I love a great brand activation so they had this massive toast as their “truck” or station and it was FREE BAGELS here. They even gave bagels as swag items…yes I went home with English Muffins and Bagels in my bag! I am not complaining. You order whatever kind of bagel you want and then you go into the massive toast and pick it up.


My best friend and I were literally getting TOASTED inside the Thomas Toaster and doing what we do best…take pictures in photobooths of course! I always have fun with my Twinkie (our nickname for each other).


After getting ‘toasted’ with #ThomasBreakfastTour

street-fest-atlanta-2016-festival-food-truck-13 Now it’s time for the food. So many things to try and I am really sad I didnt get a chance to experience more but I will share what I did get. My stomach could only eat so much but this is what I ate this year.


Pizza Cone by Brook Lynn’s Own Sticks (a NY inspired Truck)


Shrimp Tacos by The Pickle ATL (American Feel Good Food Truck)


Cuban Empanadas + Fries (Latin Cuisine Truck)


By the Cuban food truck

So do you believe in foreshadowing or synchronocities? Well this picture was taken two weeks ago at the festival by the Cuban Food truck. I said I wanted to take a picture by the flag because I was determine to go to Cuba this year as my travel experience. Literally as of yesterday I booked my flight to Cuba with Lexi and we are going in Sept (we got an amazing travel deal too)! I am a firm believer of speaking it into existence so this picture is a reminder to ask the universe what you want…even take pictures next to your goals!


The Street Fest Atlanta this year added real musical talent to the line-up to the festival. Food and Music go together so I think this was a brilliant addition to the Street Food Fest production. I went on Day 2 where it was mostly R&B day and top performers were from Carl Thomas + Vivian Greene. Carl Thomas was up first! Many R&B guys in today’s music should take notes from him as he sings and true love and pain and loving a woman. I am sorry music isnt singing about that much anymore…so Carl Thomas was refreshing to listen to him croon and swoon to the ladies! He hasn’t aged either!


Carl Thomas is known for his vulnerable lyrics and love and relationships and happy I got to relive some of his classic songs I once loved. He hasn’t mad music in a while, but thats ok because his music is timeless and still relevant today.



R&B Singer Carl Thomas + I after his show

I love real R&B so I was ecstatic to meet Carl Thomas right after his set. He is super sweet. As you can see I am hiding my poor broken hand (which it is still broken as well speak – sad face) and I told him please excuse my hand. He was so nice we was like “Its ok you just have a little boo-boo”…its a bigger boo-boo than he knows but so nice of him. He has great energy overall and hoping to see him again in Sept for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour in Atlanta!



R&B singer Vivian Green at the 2016 Street Fest Atlanta Festival

The beautiful Vivian Green performed and was the final act of the day. Another real R&B talent that took all of our breaths aways. She played many of her famous hits and of course she did her fan favorite “Emotional Rollercoaster” we all can relate to that song. She is a true songstress to where you can feel the goosebumps all over as she sings to you. You dont get those that much these days so her voice was appreciated.


Vivian Green autographed my CD of her last album VIVID.

After her set, she was kind enough to wait and take pictures and do autographs for her fans. What a kind thing to do…in the blazing heat. Celebs do not do this as much anymore so I thought this was a kind gesture…especially the signing of autographs. In a #selfie world I made sure to buy her music and have her sign it. I will always support real R&B. I did take a picture of her but I hate the photo (look on my IG for it).


If you’re a foodie and live or will be visiting Atlanta, this should be on your list of Annual festivals to attend in the city. I am happy music is added to the festival and can’t wait until next year’s lineup!

For more information on the ASFMF and how you can become part of the “foodie movement”, visit  online at ATLANTASTREETFOODFESTIVAL.COM #STREETFESTATL

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