Social Spotlight: Why did Bobbi Go Natural Friday 17 May, 2013

Social Spotlight: Why did Bobbi Go Natural

This is part 7 to my Why Did I Go Natural Social Spotlight series featuring Bobbi (aka. It’s Bobbi’s World). If you missed my initial posting on the series please review here as to how I caught up with 7 bloggers & myself to reveal why we all went natural with our hair process.

Social Spotlight: Why did Bobbi Go Natural

1. Name Bobbie Burton

2. City,State Fairburn, GA

3. Blog

4. Years Natural: Newly Natural; a few months

5. Why Did You Go Natural? In December of 2011, I thought my hair was breaking and it was shedding a lot. I went to a stylist to get a consultation, she washed, conditioned and trimmed my hair and told me my hair was fine and nothing was going on with it, at that point I made up my mind in the stylist chair at that moment that this would be my last relaxer and I would be going natural. I transitioned for 3 months and Big Chopped March 2012. I felt it was time for me to learn my own hair after many years of Jheri Curls and Relaxers.

6. What is your signature hair style? Currently I am a Wash n Go girl. My signature style is a Wash ‘n Go because it’s so convenient  However, I’ve been wearing twist-outs more frequently.

7. What are some pros/cons to being natural? Pros: Feeling liberated, learning your own hair, Healthy hair, trying different products, trying different styles, not worrying about sweating out your hair Cons: often dry, judgment of others.

8. What are your favorite products to use in your hair? My currents products that are a must: conditioner: Aussie Moist, Moisturizer: Shea Moisture, Styler Fruit of the Earth 100% Gel, Oils: mixture of coconut oil & EVOO.

9. Do you think “going natural” is a trend or it’s here to stay? It seems like it’s a phenomenon because a lot of ladies are currently going natural, but I think it s here to stay. More people are into their hair being more healthy than anything now.

10. What is a tip you can give to women who are considering going natural? Be patient. It’s a must!


Thanks Bobbi aka It’s Bobbi’s World for participating in my Why Did I Go Natural Photo Series. (check out behind the scenes of this shoot on instagram hashtag #KiwiBlogCollab).

Special Thanks to ABurns Photography  &  Salon Aamona for the photos & venue!

Find Bobbi (

Twitter // Instagram // Blog

Stayed Tuned for the next “Why Did I Go Natural” Blogger – ME.

Love, Grace & Kissy Face

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