Summer Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types Thursday 25 August, 2022

The summer months give us a lot to look forward to, from barbeques to lazy beach vacations. For many of us, the summer also comes with something less desirable; damage-prone hair. Many of the things we love most about the summer, including the warm sun and cooling off in the pool actually wreak havoc on our hair. Luckily, with the right routines and products, you can keep your hair shiny, smooth, and manageable all season long, no matter your hair type.

Summer Tips for Dry Hair

Dry hair has a difficult time retaining moisture. Often, this is because the outer layers of the hair shaft are damaged, so sebum, the natural oil that keeps hair soft and shiny, leaks out. For that reason, dry strands can have a dull or frizzy appearance.

UV rays from the sun can leach the moisture out of your hair, so if you’re already prone to dryness, you may notice your hair is harder to maintain during the summer. You will probably have to dial up your hair care routine to ensure your strands are absorbing the moisture they so desperately need.

In addition to a leave-in conditioner or oil treatment, indulge in a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week. You could also try making your own hair mask using ingredients like manuka honey or jojoba oil. This will help seal in moisture and protect against breakage.

Since the last thing dry hair needs is more damage, avoid heat-based styling tools. Instead, air dry your tresses after washing. If you have thick hair that is prone to tangling, divide your hair into sections. Gently pat each section dry with a microfiber towel and generously slather on thick moisturizing cream. Comb the product out so it gets distributed evenly through your hair.

Summer Tips for Normal Hair

Normal hair produces and retains enough natural oils to prevent damage without looking greasy. Even if you’re lucky enough to have this naturally shiny and healthy hair type, you will still need to protect your strands from the heat of the summer sun.

Just like your skin needs sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays, you will need to apply sun protection to your scalp and hair. Many styling hair creams and sprays serve a dual purpose as sun protection products. The most effective products have an SPF of 30 or higher. You can also minimize sun damage by wearing a hat or silky scarf when you go out.

Keeping your scalp’s oil production in check is key to maintaining healthy, normal hair. However, common summer activities, like taking a dip in the ocean or pool can leave residue on your scalp. Even worse, if you start to shampoo more frequently to remove this buildup, you can also throw off your scalp’s natural balance. It is far more effective to focus on prevention. For example, always slap on a nourishing mask before you enter the water. Be sure to stick to hair care products that are deemed non-toxic to ocean life.

Summer Tips for Oily Hair

While people with oily hair have the exact opposite issue as those with dry hair, the effects on their hair are the same. When the scalp produces too much oil, it weighs down the hair strands producing a dull, lifeless look.

Managing oily hair is more difficult in the summer because your scalp is busy producing both sebum and sweat. This combination can make your hair look greasy after just one day between washes.

If you have oily hair, you can tamp down build-up by washing your hair more frequently. However, to prevent overdrying your strands, choose gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. You can also try shampoo alternatives, such as co-washes or dry shampoo products.

Since your scalp is already clogged with oil and sweat, you want to avoid adding extra moisture to your roots. Apply conditioner and any other moisturizing products only to the shaft and tips of your hair.

Summer Tips for Color-treated Hair

If you color your hair, the summer sun can be your worst enemy in the fight against fading. Since colored hair has been chemically altered, the strands can behave like dry hair and release too much moisture. To keep your hair color vibrant all summer long, only use hair products that are formulated for color-treated hair.

Chlorine and salt water can also dilute hair dyes, so make sure to rinse your hair out immediately after a trip to the beach or pool. You can also use leave-in treatments like color protection spray or oils to build a protective layer between your hair and damaging elements.

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