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Thursday 02 May, 2024

Comcast Introduces Affordable NOW Internet and NOW Mobile Services in Atlanta

In the South, accessing the internet has become simpler with a new low-cost Internet and mobile service. Offering straightforward pricing and leveraging the 99.9% reliability of the Xfinity network, this service aims to eliminate common surfing issues associated with fixed wireless connections, such as slow speeds due to obstacles like trees, buildings, and congested wireless […]

Monday 17 July, 2023

Breaking Up is Hard, Switching Mobile Providers Doesn’t Have to Be: Xfinity Mobile Simplifies the Process!

On July 14th, the nation celebrated the third annual “Break Free from the Big Three Day,” a day dedicated to breaking free from bad habits, bad relationships, and stale mobile plans. According to a survey by Comcast, 51 percent of Americans find it easier to find a new romantic partner than a new mobile provider. […]