Where To Stay in Montego Bay: Royalton White Sands Resort in Jamaica Thursday 14 January, 2016

Looking to book a trip to Jamaica soon? If you are inquiring about the beauty of Jamaica and need a fun getaway to the Caribbean island of Montego Bay, I highly recommend the all-inclusive Royalton White Sands Resort. Check out my full review below for more information and lots of pictures!



My first time in Jamaica on the lovely Royalton Whitesand Resort

I had an amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful Caribbean country and stay at the wonderful Royalton White Sands Resort in Jamaica. Yeah Mon (so cliche)! I went on the behalf of The Travel Divas, in which I am a blogger ambassador for. They actually kept me pretty busy that month as this was trip 1 or 3! What a way to start of my extreme travel press trips on this beautiful island.

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I have never felt so free in my life! I mean as soon as I landed on the resort I felt like I was at home the water was extra blue! The weather was perfect…perfect enough to where all you needed to wear was a swimsuit all day! It was calm, relaxing, serene! It was beautiful!

royalton-white-sands-resort-jamaica-kiwi-blog-review-5 I did an experiment for the first time, I decided not to do a protective style or wig and let my hair run loose in the Caribbean. Now as a natural girl you know this was major! Woman with natural curly hair worry about the weather, humidity and how it will hold up in different climates. So sometimes we just wear wigs, weaves or whatever protective style to let our hair last longer. No, I decided I wanted to be 100% free of stress of my tresses. I wanted to look like a real island girl and let my hair be! I had hair products…and you know what! It was a great decision! Going natural means loving your hair in all climates, weather conditions and all…and it held up just fine! My hair belonged in Jamaica! 
royalton-white-sands-resort-jamaica-kiwi-blog-review-6 So cool thing that happened. Right next to the resort, there was some locals who were selling horse rides in the ocean! I had to jump on this experience. I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to do any excursions (I had 3 trips this month and this was only my first one) so this was as close to an excursion as I was gonna get! Boy was this an experience!


Yeah I look brave but I was scared as I don’t know what!

royalton-white-sands-resort-jamaica-kiwi-blog-review-9 There were two local men helping me the entire time. So one rode on the back of the horse (her name was Dainty) and another one instructed me from in front of the horse. Both of the locals were very nice and guided me on how to steer Dainty in the water. Also both of them were trying to convince me to ride her alone…


After a bunch of kicking and screaming – they convinced me to ride Dainty alone in the water


Look I am doing it! Riding Dainty by myself!

Myself with some of the Travel Diva clients and new friends! We had a mini photo shoot on the beach!

royalton-white-sands-resort-jamaica-kiwi-blog-review-13 royalton-white-sands-resort-jamaica-kiwi-blog-review-12

As I stated earlier this was a Travel Diva organized trip. I love being a travel diva ambassador and this was my second resort I hosted with the agency. The first one was in Cancun, but the Jamaica crew were fun! This was my first time also hosting as a solo blogger ambassador, but making friends with the clients made all the difference. The Travel Divas as I have said many times before, is always hosted with a great group of people and we always try to have a few mingling events on each trip! As we were there for the 5 days, it is nice to know others who are “divas” with you on the resort as some nights we ate together and also explored and partied together at night. We had Neon Party, White Party and Group Dinners to get to know one another at the Royalton White Sands Resort!


Fun with the Travel Diva Jamaica Crew


White Dress Party


The resort is all-inclusive so drinks were never an issue. Of course we had round of Bob Marley Daiquiris on hand! Aren’t they pretty?!


Now this was one of the nights a few of the Divas and I went next door to the resort and hung out with some locals. *Disclaimer* At this point we have been on the resort for a few days and made friends with certain locals. I would NOT recommend you do this by yourself (I was with a group of women) and you do not know them. 

Overall I had the time of my life on the Royal White Sands Resort. The water was beautiful, the staff was fun and friendly and literally it was my home away from home. The ankle you see in the photo above is the souvenir I purchased & has not come off since this day as a reminder of my love for the country. This place was paradise and is definitely a resort I would love to return back to! Arie (means everything will be alright in Jamaican)!

Thank you Travel Divas for having me as a blogger travel ambassador for this trip. If you would like to learn more about this interactive travel agency visit thetraveldivas.com for upcoming 2016 trips!

Learn more about the resort at Royaltonwhitesandsresort.com


Check out my hashtag #TravelByKiwi + #BloggersLoveJamaica for more social media photo recaps!



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