So as most of you know I went on my firs international trip to Cancun,Mexico on the behalf of The Travel Divas. The Travel Divas is a travel agency based in Atlanta, in which they book trips and enhance them with experiences. As of this year, I am one of their official travel bloggers and I will be traveling with them on a few press trip this year. Cancun,Mexico was actually my second press trip with them. The first one was in March in Savannah,GA. During this particular trip it was mostly fun, but since I am the blogger ambassador I had to take lots of pictures of the resort, clients and overall experience to do live social media activations for the hashtag #TBB2015. Traveling now is documented via social media now…so making sure to document no only for the blog – but for social channels is imperative not only for the brand…but for the clients and future travel people who are interested in experiencing a Travel Diva’s trip! Travel-Divas-travel-blogger-ambassador-kiwi-the-beauty3

The Travel Divas brought me to Cancun,Mexico where myself and the other clients stayed at the beautiful Now Sapphire resort in which you can read my full review of my stay here. In this blog I just wanted to showcase the fun I had on the resort and with the Travel Divas. The Travel Divas had planned activities everyday…and on most of their trips there are custom planned events and activities so there is never any boredom. Not too many travel agencies do that and that’s what makes them stand out.


Welcome Drinks


More Welcoming Drinks

 Now Sapphire is an all-inclusive resort…and of course the first thing we were greated with is DRINKS!


These drinks were cute!

There were no shortage of drinks on this resort at all. Anything we want at any given time. Don’t worry…I didn’t over do it. I didn’t have to drive or uber anywhere either ::wink wink::


The Travel Divas are so cute. They gave all of their clients who booked with them on the trip a baggie full of goodies as a welcoming gift! It says Tropical Beach Bash as it was the theme of this trip! I helped passed these out to the clients as this also helped me meet and greet with them to introduce myself and encouraged them to use the social media hashtage #TBB2015.

now-sapphire-blog-review-travel-divas-kiwi-42 Inside the bag included with the goodies inside was this custom plasic red cup keepsake…also Travel Diva branded and part of one of our speciality nights. It was supposed to be a Red Cup + Neon Light Party…but it rained. So in the cup you see its Shirley Temple mocktails…because again there were no shortages of drinks on this resort so every now and then I had to get a mocktail!


I couldn’ believe my eyes when I landed on the resort. The resort looks just like the pictures I was obessing over for the last few months. Picture perfect and of course in true blogger/photo obssesed form I took lots of pics!


Enjoying my welcome drink!


I kinda can’t believe I am here!


One of my favorite pictures from the trip. I thought I was pretty festive with my little tropical dress.


I loved taking pictures by the big Gazebo area! The focial point of the resort…I love this place!


Later on that night, Nikka Shae (my travel buddy) + I ate at Lemongrass in which this was like the best place to eat! We over indulged in this Asian cusine and order literally whatever we wanted. It was a lot of sushi, friend rice, soup, etc…on the table…so don’t be fooled by the picture. We ate in abundance!


The next morning we met with the Travel Divas crew for the breakfast of the champions gathering! It was at this cute swing/bar area and it was our first meeting as a group to hang out together.


Loving this bar beach swing! I wanted to swing here all day!


Our breakfast lol! Rainbow shots…I need to learn how to do this!


Rainbow Shots aka Breakfast of Champions


This was The Travel Divas crew. 60+ people book and traveled with us for the Tropical Beach Bash trip. This is most of the people…


More of The Travel Diva clientle. Just FYI…all Travel Diva trips usually sell out and have huge turn outs! Everyone ready to mingle and have some fun in Mexico!


Next Travel Divas experience was volleyball! I told you they were very brandable…even their beach balls are custom made!


It was battle of the sexes on the beach to play volleyball. I did’nt play…I’m not athletic at all…but its always fun to watch how competive people can be especially between the men and women!


At the main pool everyday all day there is something fun going on in he pool. Contest, dancing, singing, zumba and even pool karaoke was taking place here! There was even a swim up pool (I never got a chance to experience though tell you why in a second).


Although there is a main pool…for my experience I was considered a Preferred Lounge client…which meant I had access to the private pool area and I had my own cabana! Love it!


The pool is less crowded and very quite. Nikka bought this cute pool donut fo us to play with in the pool!


I had to take a bite out of the pool donut!


So some of the Travel Divas and I got to participate in some of the resort’s scheduled interactive activities. One of them was wine tasting and I was super excited to do this. I love wine but not even in America have I done an official wine tasting and pairing with food. As you can see in the picture there were food selections such as pretzels, sandwich, cheese and fruit to compare and contrast flavors between wines and the food. now-sapphire-blog-review-travel-divas-kiwi-4

This was our wine instructor and I learned a lot! He explained in detailed the difference between red wine and white wine. How you can tell if the wine has aged, how to smell it for richness and more. He explained the best way for everyone to be educated by food is through you tastebuds. They change and with wine you can taste the difference almost immediately with the different wine with food pairing. I promise you, drinking white wine and red wine and eating the exact same food gave a completely different flavor. I was shocked!  Some of the food I liked better paired with the white over the red and vice versa…so thats why they say certain foods go better with different wines.


The next activity the Travel Divas + I did was the sushi making class! I love sushi and anyoen who knows me know this is one of my favorite appetizers so to learn to actually make this made me extremely happy. I know it’s kind of an oxymoron to eat make sushi in Mexico…but hey I didn’t care. Plus the guac class was on the day we left so….sushi making class it was!


The items we used to make the sushi (two different versions).


My concentration was serious! I really wanted to learn!


Look I did this! I rolled this myself!


My california roll presentation!


I love sushi and now I can make them!

now-sapphire-blog-review-travel-divas-kiwi-31 Of course I got in the actual beach! The water was warm and beautiful!


Enjoying the water waves!


I am really a beach girl…I need to live by a beach!



Fish Spa Treatment – not available in the U.S.A.

So on the last two days I will tell you it rained on our trip. It rained all day (a little sad) but nonetheless Nikka + I wanted to make the best of our situation and try out The Fish Spa. It’s infamously known by lots of celebrities where these little fishes eat off the dead skin and callouses off your feet. A really fancy pedicure…and this isn’t in the USA at all. So we had to try it. I was  so scared but hey YOU ONLY LIVE ONE (Y.O.L.O). I sucked it up and did it…it was an experience I can say I’ve done!

now-sapphire-blog-review-travel-divas-kiwi-35 So to prep for the fish Spa Treatment, you get your feet cleaned and scrubed by a professional. He put some scrub product on the base of my feet, for that is the food the little fishies will eat from. Weird but it’s how they get the callouses off!


Nikka + I really wanted to do this…


Ummm…those are little fishies at my feet!


Yup my feet are really in there…yolo…


I’m so scary!

Yeah I was low key freaking out. I will tell you it didnt hurt at all…it tickled a lot! So they are eating off the scrub that is on the bottom of my heels. They eat away at the dead skin…again doesnt hurt at all. But when you look down and see all of them swarming by your feet it can be a little weird lol.



In the hypnotheraphy spa pool


Sauna session…wasn’t in there too long! Hot!


Our last meal was Hibatchi! Now this was a very popular spot as it was the only resturant that needed reservations…and I had to book this 2 days in advance just to experience this. Yes Asian hibatchi in Mexico…I love it and the chef put on a great show.


the famous hibatchi rice heart


Our hibatchi crew – made new friends!


Me + Staff memeber Vincente. He was one of the best servers on the resort!

I said this in my last post, but the customer service on this resort was amazing! I felt so loved and at home on this resort…mainly because the staff members were really attententive and pleasant. Many remembered my name and where I was from. They cracked jokes and kept me smiling. Even in this picture above, Vincente, one of the servers kept bringing Nikka + I drinks on our last day and it was kind of rainy…and he kept us company and help really good converasations with us. So although they were servers and staff member…I promise I felt like I made friends with some of the nicest people I have ever met…and I am not exaggerating. The people of Mexico seem like really down to earth people with big hearts! I am returning with for that alone.



now-sapphire-blog-review-travel-divas-kiwi-45 It rained this day when I wore this crochet mesh cover up. Can you tell? Sorry I wasn’t going to let a little rain let me get the last of the photo ops I needed on the resort. It had such pretty vintage aztech and Mexican architecture…I had to take some snaps!



Overall I loved my stay at Now Sapphire Cancun Riveria Maya Resort & Spa! Will I return? Of course. The staff was amazing and I really felt like I was in the land of paradise. The next time I return I have to do more pool activities (it rain our last two days) and I have to do the swim bar. I was really looking forward to going inside the pool and swimming up to my drink…as if there weren’t enough drink locations on the premises!

I want to thank The Travel Divas again for inviting me on this international trip! It was my first and definitely not my last, and thank you for making this a memorable and exquisite experience for me! The Travel Divas definitely didnt just make this a trip…it was a fun interactive experience and I am glad that there is a travel agency that goes above and beyond to make sure people have fun! I know the other clients of the trip enjoyed themselves as well! Next trip will be to Essence Festival in New Orleans so stay tuned for that post!

To see more from The Travel Divas #TBB2015 trip visit their facebook // twitter // instagram and check out upcoming travel events on their site at TheTravelDivas.com (note you do not have to be in Atlanta to be apart of any trip).

This trip to Now Sapphire Riviera Maya Cancun was sponsored by The Travel Divas as I am the official blogger brand ambassador for the agency. All opinions and statements are my own. 


Have you ever stay on an all-inclusive resort or booked with a great travel agency recently?


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