{Celeb Spotlight} Tyrese Gibson on Last Album Black Rose & Furious 7 Movie Friday 03 April, 2015

I got a special opportunity to be on a special press conference call with superstar Tyrese Gibson, who requested and allowed selected bloggers and online journalist to exclusively talk with him about the projects going on in his life. He is starring in one of the biggest blockbusters of this year and also working on his last solo album. Tyrese Gibson has had quite the career journey. This multi-talented man is known for his singing and acting abilities but he is much more than that. This piece of eye-candy got his kickstart to fame with his first commercial as a teen singing the famous “Always Coca-Cola” tune and he has been elevating ever since!  He has an awesome singing career, staring in movies from Baby Boy, Transformers to Fast Furious series and even an author he wants to let people know he is more than what meets the eye. He isnt just a star to be worshipped, but possible a mogul in the making and creating his own fame his way!


He is constantly telling his fans he wants to break the veil between him being a celebrity and him being a man who just want to connect with people on a positive level. Tyrese truly emits a high level of positive energy, so although he is ‘famous’ he never takes for granted where he came from and always looking to give geunine wisdom and inspiration to others and use his various platforms. If you follow him on Facebook, you should know he uploads inspirational videos to motivate and share his own life experience about success and that well all have the power to manifest it in his intimate conversations he calls #TheLoveCircle. Speaking of #TheLoveCircle, a little tidbit, Tyrese actually made an impromptu trip to Atlanta last year to have a live but very intimate setting to talk to his fans about life and answer questions to be close to his fan on a super personal level. As I was at the session last year, I absorbed so much information on just his outlook and positivity and realized his is more than just a star we see on tv, movies and in the music industry. **He also followed me back on Twitter so basically we are internet friends lol**  So just to let you all know, this isn’t just fluff or promo talk…Tyrese is really a genuine person and I am happy I got to see in live in person and be apart of the interactive conference call with him.

He talked with us about Furious 7, struggling with the death of Paul Walker and making his final solo album Black Rose.


Tyrese Gibson is an award winning author gearing up for his next book “Black Rose”, which is the follow-up to his first two books, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” and “Manalogy: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed.” He said this will be his “rawest book ever.” Gibson will release an audio version of the book to also feature instrumentals from his album. 

In addition to his album and book, he is also releasing a documentary giving fans a look into the making of “Black Rose.” The double album “Black Rose” is expected to drop July 7 of this year and talked a little about the upcoming project.

How would you describe your Black Rose Album?

I would say it is a comparison to Usher’s Confessions album. This will be my truth and probably my best album.

New video Dumb Ish check it out here.

Gibson’s upcoming film “Furious 7” is the last installment in “The Fast & The Furious” franchise. The film will hit theatres everywhere April 3rd including the original cast alongside with Gibson – Paul WalkerVin DieselMichelle Rodriguez,Ludacris and Jordana Brewster. Unfortunately, during the filming of Furious 7 they lost fellow cast member Paul Walker, which will make this particular movie extra special and emotional as this is his farewell and final movie.With the help of Walker’s brothers and shots from unused scenes, they were able to finish out his parts. Tyrese was extra close to Walker, considering him a brother since the time they met on the set of their first Fast Furious movie together, this was an very devastating for him to lose his close friend.

Tyrese character, Roman Pierce, he explains “is every bit of me and he’s so Tyrese that it’s unbelievable. Roman is the underdog that everyone is rooting for he is the voice of reality, fun and the typical jokester.” So expect more comic relief from Gibson!

Can you please share was it was like continuing the movie without Paul Walker?

Paul Walker was literally an angel He was just a since and genuine soul. His passing reminds me of when everyone got sad after Aaliyah died…remember how sad everyone was when Aaliyah died in the plane crash, right? She was the sweetest, most innocent girl ever, and it reminds me of how people feel about Paul.I’ve been knowing Paul for 14 years, and we had so many different moments of laughter and just exchanging different stories about our daughters and fatherhood. In the end, his family supported the continuation of the movie. Paul had already completed 85% of the movie so his brothers Cody and Caleb stepped in to help finish the rest of it because they look just like him. This was definitely the most challenging movie.

We are completely focused and respectful of this being Paul’s last movie. And if you will notice at the end of ‘Furious 7,’ normally the last four and five of them, they’re cliffhangers. On this one we end it with just a tribute that is beyond well-deserved and well done on behalf of our angel and brother Paul Walker.

Gibson described how his birthday trip to Dubai was helpful in his healing process. “I did not realize how sad I was until I went to Dubai. I found closure there.” He expressed how welcoming the people in Dubai were and how everyone should go there at least one time in their life.

What do you want your ever-lasting legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?

I want people to remember me as someone who used my God-given stage to motivate, inspire, and to give people permission to be significant and to do great things. All while being conscious of the fact that I never conned or had the desire to be the biggest star. I have always remained humble and felt that my purpose is to pass on info to help others be successful. Even though I didn’t go to college, I want to motivate and inspire.


More than a celebrity or a sex symbol, he is a man with a plan and purpose. I will be supporting all of his endeavors and I hope you will be inspired to do so too! My Furious 7 Review is upcoming in the next blog post…stay tuned for that! Thank you Tyrese for allowing me to be apart of your conversation! I look forward to all of your projects and please keep inspiring us all with #TheLoveCircle post!

Tyrese will star in  Furious 7  is in theaters April 3 +  his final album Black Rose debuts this summer 7.7.15

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