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Wednesday 13 January, 2021

Empty Nest to Hot Mess : ABC’s New Sitcom “Call Your Mother” Hilariously showcases Parenthood in a Pandemic

Call Your Mother is an upcoming American television multi-camera sitcom that is being co-created, co-written, and co-executive produced by Kari Lizer. I got a chance to watch the virtual premiere as press with the cast to talk about this new sitcom. This sitcom is ahead of its time as it actually set place in a present day era in the […]

Tuesday 22 December, 2020

Pixar’s Soul | Soul Holiday Box + Blue Apron Turkey Tempo Sloppy Joes + Free Printable Activity Sheets +

One of Pixar’s most anticipated animations of the year, “Soul,” the all-new original feature from Pixar Animation Studios, will debut exclusively on Disney+ on December 25, 2020. It will be on Disney+ just in time for Christmas Day and I am excited to share some fun goodies for you and the family discover in honor of the film! […]

Thursday 10 December, 2020


Walt Disney Studios has released a new clip of the upcoming movie “Safety”, which is a Disney+ original debuting on Friday 11th December. It is based on a true story of a brotherly love that is selfless and goes way beyond your traditional sports drama film. TRAILER ABOUT SAFETY ON DISNEY PLUS “Safety” is a […]

Saturday 05 December, 2020


The New Comedy Stars BJ Britt, Brittany Hall, Carl Anthony Payne II, and Christopher B. Duncan TV One’s new original holiday film CHRISTMAS DILEMMA is set for Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 7 P.M. ET/ 6C with an immediate encore at 9 P.M. ET/ 8C. The film marks the first project directed by Essence Atkins and builds on the actor’s longstanding relationship with TV One. […]

Saturday 05 December, 2020

Tara James Pays Homage to Debbie Allen in Celebration of NETFLIX’S DANCE DREAMS: HOT CHOCOLATE NUTCRACKER

Executive produced by Shonda Rhimes, the Netflix documentary film Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker shines a light on the work of trailblazing icon Debbie Allen and her reimagining of the classic ballet performed annually by the gifted students of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA). TRAILER Synopsis From Shondaland, the Netflix documentary film Dance Dreams: […]

Friday 04 December, 2020

Press Junket Interview with the Cast of Disney + GODMOTHERED

Godmothered is a new, modern-day fairy tale — and it’s the first Disney movie that actually follows “the Fairy Godmother” instead of “Cinderella.” Set at Christmas time, GODMOTHERED is a comedy about Eleanor, a young, inexperienced fairy godmother-in-training (Jillian Bell) who upon hearing that her chosen profession is facing extinction, decides to show the world that people still need […]

Thursday 03 December, 2020

Be Careful Who You Wish For: GODMOTHERED on Disney + [REVIEW]

The holidays are here and if you can have a wish what would you wish for? What if your Godmother manifested right before your eyes? This cute new Disney+ original film GODMOTHERED puts revamps your traditional happily ever after story. Set at Christmas time, GODMOTHERED is a comedy about Eleanor, a young, inexperienced fairy godmother-in-training (Jillian Bell) who upon […]

Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Bayside is Back: Reboot SAVED BY THE BELL on PEACOCK

The 90s are still returning in 2020 in full effect. All of my Saved By The Bell fans, the bell has rung again with a reboot! So we have some new bayside kids and even some of our favorites are back in school too! The highly anticipated reimagining of SAVED BY THE BELL will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 25 on […]

Friday 13 November, 2020

A Beautiful Holiday Musical with Jingle Jangle : A Christmas Journey on Netflix

The Netflix holiday extravaganza “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” provides plenty of seasonal razzle dazzle. Writer/director Talbert (Baggage Claim, Almost Christmas) originally conceived the project as a stage musical, and it’s easy to see its theatrical roots in the lavish production numbers, including an elaborately choreographed (by Ashley Wallen) snowball fight. This is a very star-studded cast with the […]

Saturday 31 October, 2020


The horror movie industry is getting more and more inclusive by the year. I am so in love with it! Did you all know horror is one of my favorite genres? I will be honest, as it was my favorite genre, I rarely saw myself. I grew up in the 90s so Candyman, The Craft […]

Friday 23 October, 2020

Watch Olaf Melt Your Heart with Disney + Original Short Frozen Exclusive “Once Upon A Snowman”

The previously untold origins of Olaf, the innocent and insightful, summer-loving snowman who melted hearts in the Academy Award®-winning 2013 Disney animated feature, Frozen, and its acclaimed 2019 sequel, are revealed in the all-new Walt Disney Animation Studios animated short, Once Upon a Snowman. The film follows Olaf’s first steps as he comes to life […]

Friday 09 October, 2020

Q&A with Garret Bradley & Fox and Rob Richardson for Amazon Original Documentary TIME

Time is a 2020 American documentary film produced and directed by Garrett Bradley. It follows Sibil Fox Richardson, fighting for the release of her husband, Rob, who is serving a 60-year prison sentence. I got an amazing opportunity to interview Fox and her husband, in which I learned she is still the firecracker of a woman who […]

Thursday 01 October, 2020

SPOOKY SEASON HAS STARTED | Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween Schedule

Grab your popcorn and your (CDC approved) Halloween masks because Freeform is brewing up another year of spine-chilling October programming. The highly anticipated “31 Nights of Halloween” is back all month long with a lineup of memorable Halloween films. From Oct. 1-31, viewers can celebrate All Hallow’s Eve at home with haunting movies, including “The […]

Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Amazon Studios Presents Welcome to BlumHouse : Trailers for Horror Film Series

Raise your hand if you love the horror genre. I am raising both hands and I love spooky season is approaching! Horror movie affectionados like me should already be familiar with Blumhouse and their creative impact in the industry! Amazon Studios Exciting news to share! Amazon and Blumhouse TV have joined together to present a collection […]