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Wednesday 08 March, 2023


Falling in love is the easy part! We’re ready! Meet the Love is Blind Season 4 singles who are looking to find the one. Get a glimpse into their personalities and what they’re looking for in a potential partner before the new season premieres on March 24th only on Netflix. MEET THE SINGLES Amber – […]

Saturday 14 February, 2015

Re-Evaluating The Definition of Love

So It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s the day of love! It’s a day where couples show their affection and single people are popping balloons (just kidding). I wanted to do special post today in honor of my favorite holiday. Why is this my favorite holiday? Well Vday is always the week after my bday and […]

Monday 23 June, 2014

{Love + Dating Post} Shoutout To My Ex

Ok this is going to be an interesting blog post. Let’s talk about ex’s…our ex-men. Similar to the popular Marvel Comic, X-men, ex-boyfriend/lovers can be quite comical (see what I did there?). For a lot of us bringing up an ex is a negative space that we want to push into the far back of […]

Monday 28 April, 2014

{Event Recap} Let’s Stay Together Love Tour with Matchmaker Paul C. Brunson

So you all know me by now and all my little events I cover, but this was actually interactive for me as it was SPEED Dating. I never speed dated before and I had to try it and be open minded about it because…umm I just didn’t know what to expect. So this particular event, […]

Wednesday 13 February, 2013

Lover’s Lane: Don’t Shoot Cupid Yet

In honor of Valentine’s Day & the #BLMBlogHop I want to share a holiday related posting on Love & How not to Shoot Cupid this season.   Love is in the air and some people want to get a gas mask before they gag to death. Februray people have to endure more balloons, flowers, candy, […]

Monday 07 January, 2013

MEN-TALITIES: Do Men Have Crushes?

MEN-TALITIES Guest Guy Blogger : Mr. Passionate How do we (men) “crush”? I’ll break it down in three different perspectives. How good guys have crushes, how bad boys have crushes, and finally how a man admires a woman. THE GOOD GUY The good guy is usually raised by two parents that love each other dearly. […]