MEN-TALITIES: Do Men Have Crushes? Monday 07 January, 2013

MEN-TALITIES Guest Guy Blogger : Mr. Passionate

How do we (men) “crush”? I’ll break it down in three different perspectives. How good guys have crushes, how bad boys have crushes, and finally how a man admires a woman.

The good guy is usually raised by two parents that love each other dearly. That affection is usually displayed heavily for anybody to see. The good guy see’s his parents and naturally wants something similar for himself. He tries to duplicate the love he has seen given when he finds a young lady of his interest. Young men look for women similar to their own mothers to be honest. Someone beautiful to them no matter what. A nurturer and a confidant. Somebody they can have fun with and at the same time get to know and love….but a man is a man and will test the waters trying to find himself and find the type of woman he sees himself with in the future. i.e., what attracts him to her, what arrouses him about her, and if that girl can keep his attention. Good guys love kind hearted girls.  A real sweet girls that has grown up in similar situations. Crushes usually starts with a look or glance at the female of interest or possibly the “locking of the eyes” and HOPING that when he sees her hopefully she felt the same way. It can make this type of guy shy or extremely bold in some cases. Testosterone can kick in and give you and adrenaline rush like nobodys bisuness.

The bad boy is extremely easy to explain because I was the bad boy. They are very simple minded people who simply thinks with whats in their pants rather than using their minds and hearts to determine what they really want in/from a woman. They see what they want (an attractive female) and go after it/her. Basically sex until they get tired of her then its on to the next one. Although it is possible for a girl to keep his attention for a long time depending on what type of men or family are in his life and if they are good people and have somewhat of an influence on the boy. He may very well learn to love the girl. Anorher thing that factors in with the bad boy and how he has crushes are his friends/homies. They can very well influence the way you choose who you think you like or who they think you should hook up with. (We can be idiots at times lol).

We as men do NOT crush. As I stated earlier, we admire and go after. The man usually has been both the good guy and bad boy at some point in his life. By now he knows what he likes in a woman and knows how to approach her without leaving her confused as to how she needs to present herself. Meaning her knowing he wants her and only her and whether or not to waste her time and energy on a man that’s not serious about her and genuinely admiring her. A man that admires a woman truly adores her and she doesn’t think otherwise. It shows in the way way he speaks to her. The tone in his voice says it all. He never raises his voice or hand to her unless its to high five her after great sex. Lol It shows in the way he looks her in the eyes. She should feel secure and safe without him even having to hold her. It shows in the way he holds her. She should feel like there is no safer place in the world than to be in his arms. To end. section ill say again there is no man crush, because she knows he likes/wants and is attracted to her. There is no stone unturned or confussion as to how he feels about you.

Hope I shed some type of light on how we “crush”.  If not feel free to leave comments & ask questions.

Disclaimer: I speak for myself and not every man but I’m sure we all think similar.

Check out Mr.Passionate blog here.

Mr.Passionate is a good friend of mine from way back and has a blog that expresses interest in love, dating and his own personal journey as a man and how he sees the world through his experience.  Learn more about Mr.Passionate and he will be a featured guest blogger giving insights on his passionate views on men perspectives and how he expresses it with women.

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