I just got back from my first Disney press trip for #BlackPantherEvent only a month ago, and I am already invited again to cover the upcoming A Wrinkle In Time film! I cannot believe it. Per Disney, I have been upgraded from a newbie to a twobie (how cute) as far a blogging for them. […]

Did you all go see Black Panther yet? Well I know you all were amazing by the acting and the storyline, but there is no Wakanda without the women behind it! I got a chance to interview the two women responsible for creative the beautiful world of Wakanda which is  Ruth E. Carter (costume design) and Hannah Beachler(production […]

Happy Black Panther Day! This literally is the most I ever posted about anything in my entire blogging career. I never promoted something so much in my life. Yes I was blogging on the behalf of Disney in many of my post, but a lot of stuff I am doing on my own as well. […]

Happy Black Panther Friday. The moment we all have been waiting for. I know you all read and seen me online promote this movie so much, but its a movement. This movie is a movement and I am so proud of all of the excitement and energy Black Panther is evolving into! So when you […]

I still have more Black Panther cast interviews can you believe it? Say hello to the bad guys! I was truly excited to be interviewing two of black panthers “villains” or who are perceived to be the bad guys, Winston Duke and Andy Serkis. They were fun because Andy Serkis character “Klaue” is no stranger […]

I have more Black Panther coverage. You guys have no idea how impact this movie will be and so going on this #BlackPantherEvent trip it was one of the best experiences of my media career. The huge impact this film is already generating, especially people of color is mindblowing. I know you all have been […]

Disney sure knows how to go all out. So the press activities with Disney were still in effect as we got a chance to visit the historical Olvera St. in Los Angeles. I have been to LA plenty of time but I never been to Olvera St. which is basically an area of Mexican street […]

Atlanta is becoming a new foodie mecca, and if you are craving Italian, ALLORA would be a great place for an authentic tasty of Italy in the city When you walk in, you immediately can feel the granduer of this location and a tranquil first impression.Located in TWELVE Hotel Midtown, ALLORA welcomes guests to sit and stay awhile […]

Disney is literally making all of my dream come true. My first Disney press trip with them and one of our activities of the day was to visit the ABC Building, where lots of television shows are filmed and produced. I was super excited, I think I reached a milestone in my media career! On […]

Here is another round of interviews with the Black Panther cast with Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright. I was excited about these two because not only are they stars of Black Panther, but both are stars in the hit Netflix show Black Mirror! Black Mirror, Black Panther…tomato, potato (ok that didnt even make sense). No […]

 Ok I am back for another installment of interviews with the Marvel’s Black Panther cast and today is the interview I did with Forest Whitaker. The bloggers and I got a chance to interview with him intimately and share his thoughts on his character, Zuri, in the film. Let me just say Forest is one […]

So as promised, I am excited to share some of the interviews I got with the stars of the highly anticipated, Black Panther movie. The Disney bloggers and myself actually got a chance to speak to a lot of the cast, so it will be broken up in installment post. This interview will be the […]

This is the moment you all have been waiting for and it’s my official honest review on Marvel’s Black Panther. I have been talking about it for months, I got selected by Disney to cover the celebrity carpet and global screening as well as some interviews, which will all be coming up soon on the […]

Yay the circus is in town! I got a chance to go to the Big Apple Circus in Atlanta and I brought my friend and her family! I havent been to the circus in years! My friend Sas and her nine year old daughter have NEVER been, so this was a special treat for them. […]