‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ Prequel Review: Lupita Nyong’o’s Role Dominates in Silence Thursday 27 June, 2024

As the epicenter of catastrophic events in cinema, New York once again takes the spotlight in the prequel to A Quiet Place: Day One. It’s a city known for its noise, but when the familiar sounds of car horns and sirens give way to an eerie silence, the stage is set for a story that defies expectations.

The text displayed on the opening screen while showing an aerial view of Manhattan with the bustling sounds of car horns, sirens, and shouting, informs viewers that New York is renowned as one of the noisiest cities in the USA. This cleverly sets the stage for the twist that the birthplace of “A Quiet Place” is actually in the midst of all this noise. The irony is hard to miss – New York quiet? When has that ever been the case?

John Krasinski’s sleeper hit in 2018, A Quiet Place, brought us into a world of terror where extraterrestrial predators hunted by sound. The 2021 sequel, A Quiet Place Part 2, continued the story, adding a prologue that set the stage for the prequel we now explore.

Enter Lupita Nyong’o as Sam, a terminal patient in a New York hospice, accompanied by an emotional support cat named Frodo. Nyong’o’s haunting performance draws us into Sam’s world of defiance and strength, where her silence speaks volumes.

When it comes to the emotional support cat, the Oscars panel should consider nominating this feline for the Best Supporting Role at the 2025 Academy Awards. While movies often highlight dogs for their intelligence and protectiveness, I appreciate how this cat demonstrated its own cleverness and vigilance in the post-apocalyptic setting. Even the cat understood the importance of staying silent and moving stealthily. Frodo, the cat, proved to be a highly skilled actor deserving of recognition and perhaps even a salary increase, along with the opportunity to star in its own feature film.

Joseph Quinn joins the cast as Eric, a young Englishman guided by Frodo to Samira. Their unlikely bond in the midst of survival sets the stage for a tale of friendship and resilience in the face of danger.

As Sam, Eric, and Frodo embark on a quest through the quiet streets of New York, their journey becomes a mix of survival and human connection. The desire for a simple pleasure—a pizza from Harlem—amidst the chaos of the world ending, highlights the strength and hope that can be found in the most unlikely of places.In a reversal of traditional horror tropes, the film explores the power of friendship and human interaction in a time of crisis. It’s not about romance, but about the bonds that form when survival is at stake.

Lupita Nyong’o showcased her talent for immersing viewers in her character’s fear in Jordan Peele’s unsettling film “Us.” Her captivating performance as a woman battling a terminal illness while fighting for survival in this movie provided a nuanced portrayal with layers of depth.

Lupita’s prowess in the horror/thriller genre shone through, as her expressive eyes conveyed emotions more powerfully than words ever could. Despite her character’s haunting circumstances, there was a strength and resilience in Sam that defied any notions of weakness. She portrayed a determined and formidable presence, refusing to be held back by her condition.

The prequel to A Quiet Place is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit, even in the face of silence and impending doom. In a city known for its noise, the quietest it’s ever been is where the most unexpected stories unfold. And in the heart of New York, where silence sounds more horrific than noise, a tale of survival, friendship, and the search for happiness emerges.

While this movie falls into the horror genre, it also explores the human struggle to seek moments of joy amidst a world on the brink of collapse. What choices would you make if faced with the end of the world? And how would you navigate this scenario if you were also grappling with your own mortality? Building connections with strangers in a silent and survival-dependent environment poses a unique challenge, requiring a deep bond to be forged amidst the quiet.

A Quiet Place: Day One creeps onto screens June 28th

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