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Friday 20 April, 2018

Traffik: Movie Review with Q&A with Laz Alonzo and Director/Writer Deon Taylor

I got a wonderful opportunity to screen the new thriller Traffik, and do an intimate Q&A with actor Laz Alonzo and director/writer Deon Taylor. It’s one of those thrillers that its a movie adaption, but the theme is scarier because these things are truly happening around us in real life. This is definitely not your […]

Tuesday 27 March, 2018

[INTERVIEW] ABC’s Splitting Up Together A Co-Parenting Comedy: Chatting with Stars Oliver Hudson and Lindsay Price

So on a recent Disney press trip, I had the pleasure to visit the ABC Building to pre-screen a few new shows on the network. One of them was ABC’s Splitting Up Together, and it was one of my favorites to watch. I was cracking up, I love the unique storyline and I enjoyed the […]

Thursday 15 March, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Costume Designer Paco Delgado brings Whimsical Wardrobes to A Wrinkle In Time #WrinkleInTimeEvent

I am super excited to share my interview with the man that made the whimiscal wardrobes happen for this film, Pace Delgado.  Paco is a multiple Oscar award nominated designer, as he’s been nominated for the Academy Awards in the category of Best Costume Design twice: at the 85th Academy Awards for the film Les Misérables, and at the 88th Academy Awards for the film The […]

Wednesday 14 March, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Screenwriter Jennifer Lee bring A Wrinkle In Time from Novel to Screen #WrinkleInTimeEvent

More A Wrinkle In Time interviews, and this film was translated from novel to screen with the help of Jennifer Lee. We know Jennifer Lee as the amazing Oscar-winning Director of FROZEN, now the screenwriter for A Wrinkle In Time and the bloggers and I got a chance to sit down and have an intimate […]

Tuesday 13 March, 2018

Shondaland’s Newest Legal Drama Show and Exclusive Interview with Cast for ABC’s For The People #ForThePeople #ABCTVEvent

Shonda Rhimes might be ending Scandal, but she is adding a new show to her roster called “For The People”. While I was in LA, we got to screen the first episode and see this new legal drama series. It an intriguing show with a twist, as you get to see the young paralegal and […]

Friday 09 March, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Director Ava DuVernay: Dishes Filming Her First Kids Movie For A Wrinkle In Time #WrinkleInTimeEvent

A Wrinkle In Time is finally out in theaters, and I want to share the personal interview we had with director Ava Duvernay. According to wikipedia.com, Ava Duvernay is director, producer, screenwriter, film marketer, and film distributor. At the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, DuVernay won the U.S. Directing Award: Dramatic for her second feature film Middle of Nowhere, becoming the […]

Thursday 08 March, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Co-Star of A Wrinkle In Time: Gugu Mbatha-Raw #WrinkleInTimeEvent

Another round of interview for the amazing movie Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time film. I have already posted about Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling and Storm Reid’s interview on their role and feelings on the movie. Now it was time to interview Gugu-Mbatha-Raw, who plays Dr.Kate Murry mother to Meg Murry in this film. […]

Tuesday 06 March, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Star of A Wrinkle In Time: Storm Reid #WrinkleInTimeEvent

Storm Reid, will soon take the world by Storm with her first leading role in Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time. Her parents named her perfectly, only 14 years old but already shaking things up in Hollywood. Storm Reid plays Meg Murry, the main character of “A Wrinkle in Time,” in Disney’s adaptation of the award-winning […]

Monday 05 March, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Stars of A Wrinkle In Time: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling #WrinkleInTimeEvent

I had the interview of a lifetime on this Disney #WrinkleInTimeEvent trip. I knew it was a possiblity that I would be interviewing the stars, but when I got an email the week before saying the bloggers and I will be in the same room with Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Oprah Winfrey I lost […]

Tuesday 20 February, 2018


Did you all go see Black Panther yet? Well I know you all were amazing by the acting and the storyline, but there is no Wakanda without the women behind it! I got a chance to interview the two women responsible for creative the beautiful world of Wakanda which is  Ruth E. Carter (costume design) and Hannah Beachler(production […]

Monday 12 February, 2018

[INTERVIEW] Exclusive with Chris Harrison | The Hottest Show Gets Cold With The Bachelor Winter Games

Disney is literally making all of my dream come true. My first Disney press trip with them and one of our activities of the day was to visit the ABC Building, where lots of television shows are filmed and produced. I was super excited, I think I reached a milestone in my media career! On […]

Friday 09 February, 2018


Here is another round of interviews with the Black Panther cast with Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright. I was excited about these two because not only are they stars of Black Panther, but both are stars in the hit Netflix show Black Mirror! Black Mirror, Black Panther…tomato, potato (ok that didnt even make sense). No […]

Thursday 08 February, 2018


 Ok I am back for another installment of interviews with the Marvel’s Black Panther cast and today is the interview I did with Forest Whitaker. The bloggers and I got a chance to interview with him intimately and share his thoughts on his character, Zuri, in the film. Let me just say Forest is one […]

Wednesday 07 February, 2018


So as promised, I am excited to share some of the interviews I got with the stars of the highly anticipated, Black Panther movie. The Disney bloggers and myself actually got a chance to speak to a lot of the cast, so it will be broken up in installment post. This interview will be the […]