Homegrown in Atlanta: A Memorable Day of Urban Farming and Fine Dining with Jamila Norman from Magnolia Network’s “Homegrown'” Friday 28 April, 2023

Join me in getting to know Jamila Norman, the host of Magnolia Network’s “Homegrown,” produced by none other than Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Jamila Norman, the host of Magnolia Network’s “Homegrown,”

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a media press tour with Jamila, where we enjoyed a unique urban farm-to-table experience right in the heart of Atlanta. With her international acclaim as an urban farmer and food activist, Jamila operates her independent organic urban farm, Patchwork City Farms, with great passion and expertise.

During the Atlanta Press Day, we were treated to a wonderful experience that began with a tour of Patchwork City Farms, followed by a lesson from the owner, Jamila Norman, on planting herbs. We also had the opportunity to interview Jamila and learn from her expertise in the field. To top off the day, we enjoyed a delicious curated dinner prepared by local Atlanta chefs, featuring fresh produce grown right on the farm.

Patchwork City Farms Tour

During our tour of Patchwork City Farms, Jamila impressed us with her commitment to operating her independent organic urban farm, which she founded in 2010. The farm spans 1.2 acres of space in Oakland City, a residential area in the heart of Atlanta. It was surprising to see a farm in a residential community, but Jamila believes that it brings people together and teaches them about the benefits of healthy eating.

During our visit, Jamila also shared her sustainable agriculture practices with us, emphasizing that her farm doesn’t use any harmful chemicals. Her primary goal is to grow fresh vegetables for the community while showing love and respect to nature. We were amazed to see the growth of various vegetables, herbs, and even strawberries that were ready for harvest. As Jamila educated us, we were thrilled to learn that many of the produce we saw had been harvested just for our special farm-to-table dinner!

Urban Farm to Table Dinner 

After our tour of the farm, it was time for our highly-anticipated Urban Farm-to-Table experience. We headed to Wild Heaven Brewery, located in WestEnd Atlanta, for a private and specially curated dinner.

Maricela Vega, the culinary mastermind behind Jamila’s Urban Farm-to-Table Dinner.

The culinary chef behind the menu was none other than Maricela Vega, who created a majority of the dishes with Mexican-inspired flavors. Almost every single ingredient used in the curated dinner, from the produce to the herbs, was sourced straight from Jamila’s farm and was completely organic.


Oysters ramp mignonette or chèvre-butter w/ginger | pescatarian

GARDEN PLATTER radishes, carrots, kale | vegan

Cornbread, goat cheese with Patchwork Pepper Jelly | vegetarian


TOSTADA PLATTER Minilla: trout, tomatillo salsa, herbs | pescatarian Oyster Mushrooms: chives, sesame crema, avocado | vegan Frijoles Fritos: queso, garlic, pasilla pepper | vegetarian


ARROZ (rice) Carolina Golden Rice w/carrots

FRIJOLES Frijol de Coasta Chica (beans) w/alliums, chiles secos | vegan

CALIFLOWERS & SUCH Benne creme, salsa macha and lemon | vegan


CACAO POT DE CREME flowers, pecans, whipped cream | vegetarian

PECAN POLVORONES vanilla, powder sugar

This special dinner was an amazing five-star experience with an incredible combination of menu items and fresh, organic flavors. Every dish tasted incredibly fresh and comforting, and seeing ingredients like kale, carrots, and strawberries come straight from the farm to our table made the meal feel personal and made us appreciate the entire food journey. The diversity of the pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan options was impressive, and every dish was equally delicious. It definitely proved that healthy food can be delicious.

“Homegrown” media tour in Atlanta ends with a special dinner celebration and early birthday for Jamila Norman.

The combination of Jamila Norman’s fresh produce and Maricela Vega’s culinary creations was a powerhouse of organic delights that left us all wanting more. We hope to see these two talented women collaborate again in the future and even dream of a restaurant where Atlanta’s foodies can savor their delicious dishes.

Our food was a true representation of “from soil to our soul,” and we are grateful to Jamila for the education and unforgettable experience of Atlanta’s urban farm life.


Magnolia Network’s “Homegrown” is hosted by Atlanta-based farmer Jamila Norman helps families transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional backyard farms while exploring the joy and benefits of growing your own food.

You can catch every single episode of Season 3 of “Homegrown” on Magnolia Network, Discovery+, and HBOMax.

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