{Event Recap} Let’s Stay Together Love Tour with Matchmaker Paul C. Brunson Monday 28 April, 2014


So you all know me by now and all my little events I cover, but this was actually interactive for me as it was SPEED Dating. I never speed dated before and I had to try it and be open minded about it because…umm I just didn’t know what to expect. So this particular event, BET toured Atlanta for the Let’s Stay Together Love Tour hosted by Paul Carrick Brunson. This was  exclusive tour went to five major cities to promote and celebrate the 4th season of BET’s hit show Let’s Stay Together. Award-winning matchmaker and life coach, Paul Carrick Brunson, introduced his famous FLOW DATING, in which I will explain that in a sec. Below just check out the cool decor sponsored by BET & Ciroc at the lush Vanquish Lounge. lets-stay-together-bet-show-kiwi-the-beauty-ciroc2 lets-stay-together-bet-show-kiwi-the-beauty-ciroc3 lets-stay-together-bet-show-kiwi-the-beauty-ciroc4 lets-stay-together-bet-show-kiwi-the-beauty-ciroc6 lets-stay-together-bet-show-kiwi-the-beauty-ciroc5 lets-stay-together-bet-show-kiwi-the-beauty-ciroc7

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this event and the speed dating portion. So if you got this far to this post, yes I am single and I live in pretty much the worst city in the USA for dating ever! No offense but it’s hard when the woman to man ratio is so disproportionate of like 21:1 (not an accurate statistic) and it can be disappointing. I went with my 2 close friends, Ashley & Nia, who can vouch for the dating struggles in Atlanta but made this experience less nerve wrecking.

 Again, I will voice my opinions about me being nervous because I just didn’t know what to expect, nor did I have a concept of what kind of men I were gonna meet? Were they going to be a bunch or crazy and incompatible men with lackluster conversation? Well Paul Brunson created this system called “Flow Dating” which is a twist to the traditional speed dating of sitting down and being paired with a random match. How flow dating worked is that all the women sat down, while the men were strategically place between each woman to speak to them for 4 mins until the DJ announcement and the next guy in line spoke to the woman. So it wasn’t just random men scrambling for a woman, it’s like an assembly line of men or more going with the flow and order of match dating. The men and woman also had sheet of people that allows you to write your flow dater first name and last initial and room to write notes to choose whether to Let’s Stay Together or Break Apart. I liked how they incorporated the show with the dating system!


Paul C. Brunson (host/matchmaker) + I at the event.

My verdict: So I actually had FUN! I am a social person and I can pretty much speak to anyone, so all the guys I spoke with I engaged in a friendly chatty manner. Now I think I was paired with 10 men, and honestly only 3 out of 10 was a physical or compatible match for me. For example some were recently divorced, some haven’t been in a serious relationship in years, or the most important aspect is that a lot of these men lack social skills with speaking with a woman. I think the men were more nervous than the woman! There were also some extra uncomfortable aspects of the flow experience as Paul would have us do some interactive activities such as gazing in your partner’s eyes for 3 mins no words or have your partner pick a body part to massage. Ummm yeah I didn’t like those parts – SUPER uncomfortable but hey it was still fun.

I want to thank Paul Brunson for bring the Flow Experience to Atlanta, because to be honest it brought more eligible men in one room that I had the pleasure of meeting in one night. It was great to see so many well polished and established men openly seeking monogamous relationships and giving us a platform to mingle. As I said, it’s hard to find these types of men outside of a nightclub – just to find potential men seeking relationships so I think this experience was eye-opening and proving that Atlanta may have more to offer than I thought.

I didn’t make a love connection that night, but I enjoyed myself nontheless. Atlanta please create more events for grown men and women over 25+ can interact and mingle for dating purposes. Well now that I experienced my 1st speed dating event, I am definitely open to do another speed dating event! I will keep you all informed.

BET’s Let’s Stay Together is on BET Tuesday nights at 10pm EST

More pictures in the gallery and social media at #LSTLoveTour

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