Refinery29, an online lifestyle media outlet, launched the first 29Rooms in September 2015 on Refinery29’s 10-Year Anniversary as a way to bring their brand to life in the real world.

For the first time ever, 29Rooms is bringing an immersive experience to multiple cities this summer. Through mind-bending creativity and bold collaborations, the Expand Your Reality Experience will connect you to your curiosity and unlock your sense of wonder. Explore this one-of-a-kind creative world as it travels through Atlanta. The Expand Your Reality Experience is the newest artistic wonderland of interactive installations and thought-provoking performances brought to you by the creators of Refinery29.

Dream Doorways

This surreal room from artist Kali Uchis will transport you to another world.

Teenage Bedroom

Created by : UZUMAKI CEPEDA 

The bright bold colors of my work reflecting the innocence of childhood and the loud palette of bodegas and fresh acrylic nails, among other things. I create and express as I piece together who I am within this world, that in the meantime, I am coating in soft faux fur. delivers late ’90s/ early 2000s teen bedroom vibes, from a Spice Girls poster to a functioning Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart running on it.


Visitors are invited to enter one of two sides of this room, with a barrier in between. Some instruction about palm reading is given out (one of a variety of pseudoscientific portions of 29Rooms), then one side of the room reads the palms of those on the other.

Make Your Mark

 This is where you can paint the “collaborative sculptural color by number” designed by Emerson. The space also features “a speed round circuit training of mini art class experiences,” according to a press release.

Sweet Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sponsored by Panera, you can get a temporary tattoo in this strawberry-centric parlor.

The Values Stand

The ACLU-branded newsstand encourages viewers to get socially active, vote, contact local representatives, and stand up for human rights. It encouraging you to get engaged for all those future elections, along with making a difference in your daily life.

A Long Line of Queendom

A collaboration with Refinery29’s Unbothered, which publishes stories aimed primarily at black millennial women, this room will celebrate the culture, beauty, experiences, and achievements of black women. It celebrates black women and the power of a black woman’s hair, with phrases on the wall about the black female experience.


Two rooms with different light setups give you the chance to strike a pose. You’ll see the different ways that light can change your look thanks to angles, color, and shadow.

29Rooms x The HoodWitch

You Are Magic: This Hoodwitch collaboration will take you inside an “enchanted crystal cave” where you can “awaken the deepest part of [yourself] and tap into [your] own inner magic.”

Bri Luna is the founder of The HoodWitch (thehoodwitch.com) a web platform and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering, educating, and cultivating community through meaningful rituals supporting self-care and wellness. Luna is devoted to offering “Everyday Magic for the modern mystic,” through her art and is an advocate for the use of traditional healing practices to address modern-day challenges. 

 29Rooms will run through September 8 at the Works, 1235 Chattahoochee Avenue Northwest. Tickets start at $34 (there is a discount available for those who book a group of three or more) and grant you a two-and-a-half hour session to explore at your own pace. Purchase tickets here.

Which Room Is Your Favorite?

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