5 Get Your Life Together Tips For Better Productivity – Tomorrow Cant Wait! Thursday 13 November, 2014

If your a procrastinator and you know it clap your hands! All the real procrastinators read this post and automatic said I will think about clapping my hands later am I right? This is to all my friends out there who think they are alone, overwhelmed and just wants some assistance on how to cure this bad habit. I want to first say, procrastination isn’t the worst thing in the world and every human has there bouts with it from time to time. This post isn’t to put anyone down or to belittle you and say “Hey You Slacker, Get Your Butt Up and Do Some Work”! That’s not very helpful or encouraging now is it (I’m talking to you Everest College Commercial Guy)? Or maybe you’re not a full procrastinator, you just don’t know how to balance your time accordingly.

One of the biggest concerns for people who lack proper time management is that they are already overwhelmed with other priorities or tasks. When one is already overwhelmed, it makes a person least likely to want to do something and it becomes a chore, something you would push to the side (similar to how your mother would tell you to do you laundry in high school and you kept pushing it off). You will recognize that you have to do something, but your immediate solution is usually I will handle it later, I will work on it another time.

I wrote this post because I have a confession, my name is Kiwi and I am a procrastinator {everyone say hi Kiwi!} . I will not share this information without admitting I’ve had a long-term issue with procrastination. Here is my take on it, it’s not so much that I was lazy but that I work extremely well under pressure. It’s something about meeting deadlines and completing them right when I needed to do it. I would cram, pick up the pace and speed do a task at hand, and pretty much overwork myself in the process. Once I completed my task right before I beat the clock, I felt a sense of accomplishment but also worn out. I talked about me even getting blogger burn-out and how I overcame it, and time management to my productivity definitely is a big help!

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Let’s be honest, I don’t know about you all but sometimes I feel like I have ADD (I don’t I promise), my mind wanders with all my creative thoughts and ideas. I will push tasks to the backburner because all of a sudden I want Chipotle! Email alert for 50% off my next online purchase time to go shopping, Facebook notifications going off must keep checking them, and Kim Kardashian did what now?!  Let’s face it we live in a digital world and statics are saying, one of the #1 reasons why you are distracted in your productivity is because of social media. Social Media is fun but it can be your distraction enemy, and an easy way to let time slip away from you getting caught up in the cyber matrix.

Do you see how easily we get sidetracked? It just take a split second and your plans that you had can go completely to the back of your mind. For all the multi-taskers out there, this can be even worst you are already doing a task and then you pile more and more workload on you and that can be stressful enough. For me I realized I need to control my life and tighten up on my prioritization, I wanted to meet goals and do them ahead of time and not race the clock. Repeat after me, Time is not your enemy (don’t make me tell you again procrastinator, I know you didn’t say it). No more waiting until later, no more stressing out until the last minute to do important things there is solutions for it RIGHT NOW! It’s time to do some self-cleaning within your life, let’s help you get your life together with these five tips for better productivity.


1. Plan in Advance + Set Alarms. Whats Your Gameplan? When you have a task or goal at hand, do you have a management system for time? Make friends with a calendar and start filling out your planner on what needs to get done or jot down important dates. Set goals and then create alerts for yourself as reminders. You can get a physical calendar, a daily planner, write notes on your refrigerator, add it into your phone calendar and guess what, there is even an app for that! If you let yourself know in advance when you have to do something, you can always go back and check, and if you forget that’s when the alerts can assist you!

2.Get Comfy – A great deal on how people can get overwhelmed when they have to do something is that they aren’t even comfortable in their space. Do you like the chair you are sitting in? What about the scenery? Do you like to listen to music while you work? De-clutter areas that are also an eyesore as that can be subconsciously distracting you. Set the mood for yourself so that you are at ease when you are working.

3. Start Small – Do not try to do too much all at once, especially if its a huge job at hand. That seems like you are being real productive, but it can turn into a burnout really quickly. It’s ok to pace yourself, do your task in increments. If you feel like you are starting to get worn out, it ok to step away from what you are doing. Give yourself a breather, but make yourself go back and complete some more work. This is the part where people tend to start going backward and push their task off until later, discipline yourself to get back into your duty and keep going.

4. Dismiss Your Distractions – You can get comfy, but don’t let yourself get too relaxed where you become easily distracted. We live in a technology age where its on 24/7. Tell yourself that you will not indulge in social media or even outside distractions while you are in the zone of completing your task. Dont you drift off into la-la land, put your phone down (or silent if you need to) and keep your focus. Focus is key to staying on track.

5. Complete Tasks + Celebrate Most importantly completely your task. Don’t continue to have unresolved goals or unfinished buisness. When you do finish or reach a goal celebrate! Big or small accomplishment treat yourself and acknowledge that you did it! Give yourself some motivational props for doing something ahead of time or doing what you said you were going to do. Sometimes the best praise comes from yourself and you deserve to reward yourself so do that!

In life we all need a little motivational push. If you are someone who struggles with time management and prioritization don’t beat yourself up. I believe better productivity is all about the energy surrounding yourself before a task at hand. These five steps are truly helping me out and it gives me a since of accomplishment that I am correcting my old ways and developing better habits to reach my goals quicker. Everyone feels good when they accomplish something, so reward yourself and start using these five tips today!

I said today not tomorrow. I’m serious…did you just think about starting to use these five productivity tip later? Implement today, if you can get on Facebook and Twitter you can start planning now! You can do it….TODAY! 

From A Former Avid Procrastinator

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Do You Suffer From a Lack Of Good Time Management and How Do You Keep Yourself More Productive?


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