A Very Happy Holiday Monday 31 December, 2012

I am a bit late posting this but I would like to share with you all how my Christmas went!

I actually did not expect anything for Christmas…I didn’t get excited when I woke up like I usually do because I am a big kid. I just said honestly I am grateful for what I already have an just want to enjoy this day with my family.

So I went to my parent’s house and they made me feel like a big kid! I actually have PRESENTS! I really wasn’t expecting anything so seeing the gifts really put a SMILE on my face.

I got such cute stuff like books, lots of PJS, socks, and of course MONEY!!!

It’s so funny the things you don’t really want as a child for Christmas are the things you want as an adult (except the money everyone likes money).

My mother is really funny sometimes. She had always found weird or creative ways to wrap stuff or put things together. So when I unwrapped this big gift and saw baby wipes I was like what?? Really Ma?

It wasn’t really a box full of wipes (although she did give me 2 packs of them-see the pic) she just filled it with more little knick knacks and other stuff not pictured. I just thought it was really funny she wrapped it in the baby wipes industrial jumbo pack box.

Next stop was to my Aunt’s house. Christmas this year I introduced my family to the Christmas Photobooth (as seen at Christmas Couture Party + Ugly Sweater Party). They really like it…they had no idea what a photobooth was.

They had too much fun taking pictures with the props. It made our Christmas Day extra festive, and even my baby little cousin (in the middle) Monet liked the booth!


Christmas was really for Monet this year. She is currently the youngest child in the family, so celebrating Monet’s 1st Christmas was extra fun and special.

I took some extra special festive Christmas pictures for her. She liked it and didnt complain (even though we had her taking pictures for over an hour). She is such a happy baby!

And of course everyone wanted a round of Christmas photobooth pictures with Monet. It was like pass-the-baby in the booth. She was everyone’s extra photo booth prop (lol).

My Aunt Mary, cousin Rashanda (Monet’s mother) and I were of course the Photo Booth HAMs of the night. We were definitely very silly and took numerous pics (a lot of them did involve Limaritas).

My cousin Rashanda & I always have Kodak photo moments. It’s true we love the camera and we love to act up and have fun!

Overall my Christmas was great! Family + Food + Fun is all I needed to have a Happy Holiday this year. I enjoyed myself and I hope this pictures proved how grateful I am to have such a wonderful loving family

Happy Holidays & and a Happy New Years!


Love, Grace & Kissy Face!

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