A24 Presents ‘Love Lies Bleeding’: A Riveting 80s Revenge Thriller Starring Kristen Stewart Friday 15 March, 2024

A24’s Love Lies Bleeding directed by Rose Glass, gives us a love story with a twist that’s as surprising as it is fresh. Olivia Newton Johnson’s “Let’s Get Physical” should be the theme of this film for more way in one, as it’s set in the 80s with a grimy gym head aesthetics as it’s backdrop.

Imagine finding love in a place as gritty as a bodybuilding gym. That’s what happens to Lou (played by Kristen Stewart) and Jackie (Katy O’Brian). Their first chat over steroid shots quickly turns into something deep and powerful. They stand up to creeps together and show the world they’re not to be messed with.

Lou’s the strong, silent type running the gym, carrying a heavy past, while Jackie’s got her sights set on lifting trophies. Their love story is not just sweet; it’s vital for getting through the mess of crime, violence, and some seriously weird paranormal stuff they find themselves in. It’s real and raw in a way that grabs you.

The acting really brings it home. Kristen Stewart’s Lou is all about quiet strength, while Katy O’Brian, in her first big role, brings a lot of heart. And Ed Harris? He’s the bad guy you love to hate, especially with that awful wig that somehow makes him even creepier.

Rose Glass does something special with this film. She gets you right up close to the characters, making every little detail feel super personal. “Love Lies Bleeding” swings from dark, noir vibes to wild, fantasy moments, making it a film that’s hard to pin down but easy to get lost in.

The story’s got its share of darkness—think sex, drugs, and some tough choices. It warns you about the dangers of love in a rough world. But at the same time, it’s a powerful reminder of how finding someone can help you face just about anything. “Love Lies Bleeding” is one of those movies that sticks with you, showing that sometimes, the most unexpected love is the strongest.


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