{Album Review} Mary J.Blige ReInvents her Sound for The London Sessions Wednesday 19 November, 2014

Queen of Hip-Hop/R&B, Pop Icon, and nine time Grammy Award winning artist Mary J. Blige is blessing us all with some new music. Yes this deep soul singer, who is best known for pouring her heart, soul and vulnerability with her strong melodic vocals is providing her fans with brand new music and a new sound to go with it. I was given a exclusive access to her new album, The London Sessions, to review and check out what she has in store for us soon.

Many artist claim each album is different and new, but Mary took her artistry to the next level. She actually was inspired to travel abroad and create an entire album that wasn’t even a thought three months ago. She spent a month in London writing and collaborating with some of the most exciting and popular artists in the UK, including Sam Smith, Disclosure, and Emeli Sandé.

Contrary to popular belief, 43-year-old is no stranger to working with the British, having previously collaborated with the likes of Elton John (“Deep Inside”), George Michael (“As”) and Sting (“Whenever I Say Your Name”) during her extraordinary 25-year musical career. New R&B pop phenomenon, Sam Smith (Latch, Stay With Me), takes on the biggest role, co-writing four of The London Sessions’ twelve tracks, including “Therapy“. Therapy is one of my favorite, as it is almost a reverse ode to late soul singer, Amy Winehouse, that actual promotes and demands going to therapy in a time of need.

I’m absolutely blown away by the talent and the artistry it took to create The London Sessions. It take a true artist who had the longevity she’s had in the industry to go outside the box and create an album unlike anything she has done in the past. Below are Ten Things You Should Know About The London Sessions.

My opinion: This is truly something special Mary has created. I have been a MJB fan since her You Remind Me and still the singer of one of my favorite songs Not Gonna Cry (Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack), and I can honestly say musically she is evolving. This isn’t just soul singing traditional R&B, as this gives more of a techno-pop and even a dubstep flair as track by track it flows together. But she definitely doesn’t neglect the Rhythm or Blues of her vocals as they are stronger than ever before but more mature and wiser. Most people know Mary J. Blige for her more sad and heartbroken tracks, but actual this album is a more upbeat and party flair to it. I got more celebration and liveliness out of it, so maybe she is saying to everyone that things in her life are turning around for the better. I love this upbeat and perky Mary! My two favorite track are Therapy (#1) + Doubt (#2). Doubt is actual one of the few songs that still kept her traditional R&B sound, but the song is about overcoming self-doubt that many people have put upon her. I can relate to that, but sometimes you just have to prove them all wrong and succeed.

The European flair suits her well! I’m inspired by her, because sometimes you just might have to leave your comfort zone, and even leave the country to get the new creative inspiration that conjure up a new project/idea within you.

The London Session album is available for pre-order/order sites on iTunes and Amazon.

* iTunes : http://bit.ly/MJLondonSessions

* Amazon: http://bit.ly/MJBLondonSessions

Official Mary J Blige website: http://www.maryjblige.com/london-sessions #TheLondonSessions

The London Session album is available December 2nd.

I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.


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