Baby Blessing: Christmas Came Early, My Niece is Here! Thursday 25 December, 2014

So last night was kinda hetic. It was the night before Christmas, and my family and I were in the hospital waiting for my niece to be born. My niece, Zendaya, arrival has been a long time coming. My sister seemed like she has been pregnant for 2 years, and what made it worst was she was already a week late.

My family and I actually got a phone call that she was in the hospital early Wednesday morning, 4:30am we went to the hospital. My nephew was already with my sister and after a few hours, they concluded she was only 2 centimeters dilated…so we decided to go ahead and leave the hospital, take my nephew and go back to my parents house to wait. Around 4:00pm they said my sister increased to 6 centimeters, so we rushed back to the hospital.

There was a little complication, stress and high blood pressure that was causing a little trouble for Zendaya to be born naturally, so they had to opt for a C-section. My mother went in the room with my sister. I was there for my nephew’s birth 10 years ago, my mother missed his birth so this was a special moment to be in the room as Zendaya came out.

She arrived Christmas Eve at 7:50pm. She was 8lbs 12 ounces and 12 inches long! She was a pretty big baby!


Elijah seeing his sister Zendaya for the 1st time


Big Brother and Little Sister

It was a great Christmas Eve. I was actually so thrilled she came on Christmas Even and not Christmas, because I wanted her to have her own birthday. She is as cute as a button and beautiful. She looks like a great mixture of her mom and her father. Zendaya is my  Christmas gift this year. I realized that as the years go on, I really do not want much at all. Is that maturity kicking it?

Seriously we have a culture that is focused around material, what we want, what to buy, presents and sometimes showboating about it. It’s ok to “want” things in life – we are humans and we are always going to find sometime that catches a twinkle in our eye (Come on MacBook Pro). I realized Christmas/the holidays is always just going to be a feeling and a great time to be around family and start to reflect on this year and prepare mentally for the year ahead. I look at all my blessings that came out of 2014, and I can say I had some serious ups and downs – but it seems like to be ending on an UP NOTE.

Zendaya birth taught me a lesson on appreciating the little things in life. Her coming to the world healthy and beautiful and being apart of the family is truly a beautiful gift. I promise I am not trying to sound cliche I am speaking from the heart. So today is Christmas, I watched my nephew open his gifts, watched a Christmas story 3x already and will be hanging out with loved ones and I can say I am truly happy.

zendaya-christmas-eve-baby Happy Holidays Everyone! I just wanted to share my family gift with you all. She was a Santa Baby afterall (kinda).


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