Barbados: FourSquare Rum Distillery Tour + Tasting with Top Shelf Bartending Academy Friday 20 April, 2018

Tucked away in the southern countryside of Barbados, on 8 acres of a former sugar plantation, is the magnificent Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park. This working rum factory is well known for its collection of rums, producing a wide range including the highly favoured Doorly’s, Old Brigand and E.S.A.Field. Foursquare Rum Distillery is the proud winner of the Rum Distillery of the Year in November 2016 at the IWSC in London, UK

In addition to the working factory, the Heritage Park with its historic buildings, colonial architecture and folk museum, offers a step back in time and a tribute to the important role that sugar and rum has played in Barbados’ history.

The factory operates on a core principle of being environmentally friendly and most of the “waste” produced is re-used is some way.

Sugar and Rum culture is serious in Barbados. Sugar has been an ideal crop for Barbados. White gold as it was called, produced great wealth, fame and stature for the island and the original plantation owners, and was in many ways suited to the island. It made good sense to grow sugar economically and horticulturally as its root structure helped to preserve the fragile top soil.

There are 1,500 small farms throughout Barbados which can produce some 60,000 tons of sugar annually.

Four Square Rum Factory and Heritage Park is quite an experience but first and foremost it is a rum refinery which produces quite a few world renowned rums; these include …
• E.S.A. Field
• Doorlys
• Old Brigand
• FourSquare Spiced Rum and
• Tommy Bahama

Foursquare sells bulk rum to blenders and other producers, so you likely have had Foursquare rum at some point. The distillery uses a mixture of pot and column stills to create a classic Bajan-style rum. The Doorly’s 12 resides at the top of their range and is aged in used-bourbon white oak casks, then finished in port and madeira casks, spending a minimum of twelve years in wood. Previously available only at the distillery, this rum recently received US label approval.

We got a chance to do an authenic wine tasting of the different Doorly brands and flavors. We are also gifted a bottle of 12 year aged Doorly’s Rum.

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