I have to share with you all something really cool and special that happened not too long again. I have been natural for 12 years and counting now and I was honored and privledged to be recognized as an Atlanta Curl Legend by Curly Girl Collective. What a time to be alive when you can be honored just by embracing your curls and being proud. I accepted this beautiful honor and it was a festive event I was joined by other naturalistas and naturalistos from Atlanta as well.  This was an event that took place during the annual World Natural Hair Show weekend (Spring) and although that is hosted in Atlanta, we celebrated the event in Chattahoochee Hills,GA.

Yes they had us up in the country part of GA, but it was perfect and beautiful. Very well presented as I will be showing you in a second. Sometimes its good to get away from the city and it was sweet we were honored in the luxury location of Serenbe Inn for the intimate secret garden themed brunch.


Founders of Curly Girl Collective (l to r; Gia Lowe, Simone Mair. Charisse Higgins and Melody Henderson

Meet  five founders of Curly Girl Collective, also known for the #1 Natural Hair Festival, CURLFEST. Thank you officially to Charisse Higgins, Melody Henderson, Tracey Coleman (not pictured), Simone Mair and Gia Lowe. They are the ones that honored myself and other Atlanta curly influencers and came up with the incredible idea of hosting this Secret Garden themed brunch for us. Great details, very girly and overall grateful they chose me as a personal they value with a voice in beauty. 

MED_1547 This was an intimate affair for a select group of influencers, filled with delicious bites, cocktails, great company over brunch! This secret garden soire also celebrated the launch of PhytoSpecific‘s legendary product line which is called Curl Legend. They sponsored the event and showed us what was in store for their new collection. 


MED_1496 MED_1493 MED_1537

The secret garden themed brunch was absolutely beautiful Very dainty and loved the attention to details. As soon as we stepped into the venue we saw the array of flowers, little garishes and the vintage rustic look that was absolutely whimsical. I loved this so much!


Also another added touch for us to be honored and to go with the secret garden themed is that we all got floral crowns to wear for the event. All the curlies got crowed and of course selfies were ensued. It was propped right up near the interactive selfie and video photo booth. Check the awesome visual video selfie I took along with the photos!

Isnt this amazing. Thanks Mike of MediaLifted for this awesome visual selfie, as he was also the official photographer of this event as well.



MED_1679 MED_1684 MED_1976

Over brunch, we got an opportunity to do a fun ice breaker where we wrote down a few thing about ourselves and then our info got switched with the other influencers. We had to figure out which card we had belong to which influencer which gave us an opportunity to mingle around the room and get to know each other. Once we found our new curlfriend, we introduced them by what was on the card. We also got a chance to learn more about the Phyto Specifc new Curl Legend line straight from the marketing department, who helped sponsored this event. The three products being released were the new Curl Legend Spray, Curl Legend Gel, and Cleansing Care Cream. The brand is also environmentally friendly, as it uses only natural botantical ingredients such as Castor Oil and Marshmallow Extract to both enhance and define natural curls.




Turkesha (@naturalbabydol) Africa Miranda (@africamiranda) and Tekela (@naturallykela) some of my favorite ATL curly girls


Owner of Loop Salon Lindsey and Top Stylist (Loop Salon) Christina Michelle getting cute in the booth. They have carried Phyto Specific products in their Midtown ATL salon since the beginning,


#CurlLegend even honored some Curly Dudes. I love that, the men need some curl love too!


Hippe Heathen giving me life with this pose

There was another photo booth station that went with the theme of the secret garden. You know we all had to get some action in that. I love the props, how we had the curlie dudes and Hippie Heathen gave me life with these yogi poses. Can’t have a successful event without a photo booth and this was perfect!


All of the #CurlLegend influencers, Curly Girl Collective founders and Phyto Specific Team

This was a beautiful Secret Garden themed brunch event. Thanks again to Curly Girl Collective and Phyto Specific for inviting and honoring me as a Curl Legend. That meant the world to me. Once again, being natural for 12 years, I would of never imagine in so many years that I would be honored for just embracing my texture. I used to never believe I would be able to find products to enhance my curls and I was even a straight natural for many years. So for so many brands to see the demand of natural hair care and coming up with products to help us, and even brands and company who honors woman and men like myself it means everything.

The natural movement is not just a trend or a fashion statement, I have always said its a true lifestyle. Once you truly embrace your natural hair, I believe your confidence is awaken on another level and I hope I am emitting that energy to inspire of others to do the same. So this #CurlLegend honor was a joy to be apart of and I will be supporting Curly Girl Collective by going to my first ever #CurlFest in Brookyln,NYC this year. Curl Fest is the Coachella for curls so I can’t wait to be apart of this event for the summer.

If you are interested in learning more about Curl Fest check out this link and save the date for July 15th, 2017.

Thanks for Crowning Me a #CurlLegend

Photo & Video Credit of this event done by Micheal of

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