Bon Ton is kicking off another epic Mardi Gras season with a New Orleans-inspired cocktail menu that launched Friday, February 1. Bon Ton has just launched their new lunch menu, but don’t worry, the best Po-boys in town haven’t gone anywhere. Atlantans can get their Mardi Gras fix full of king cake, beads, and cocktails without having to cross over west of the Mississippi. Bon Ton is the premiere spot for all things Cajun all year round, but you definitely need to visit during this Mardi Gras season to get NOLA in the ATL.

Cheering with my bestie, bittersweet goodbye as she got a taste of NOLA in the ATL before leaving for NJ.

Bon Ton’s Mardi Gras Cocktails: this is a list of 8 specialty cocktails inspired by the original New Orleans Krewe’s (Bacchus, Zulu, Rex, Muses, Endymion, Chewbacchus and Iris). This drink menu, dubbed “1st Annual Cocktail Parade,” is a limited time menu available now through March 5 (Fat Tuesday). King Cake served daily. Find the baby and win a gift certificate! You’ll definitely feel like you just stepped on to Bourbon Street with the amazing ambiance and drinks galore to choose from!

White Gloved Goddess – Iris (Dani Elrod) Scotch, Dark Rum, Pear Brandy, Allspice Dram, Lemon, Honey, Ginger, Orange Flower Water

What a sexy drink. It was so sexy I threw my beads at this cocktail, which is named the White Gloved Goddess. What a goddess indeed, as not only as the presentation pretty but it was very tasty. The hints of ginger and the seductiveness of the Pear brandy made this drink a dream. Hands down my favorite!

Yoda Wampa – Chewbacchus (Eric Simpkins) Frozen Gin, Matcha, Coconut, Mint, Lime, Pandan

This is a nice bright green icey drink that will really put you in the NOLA spirit. If you like matcha, this is in this unique drink. I never had Matcha in my cocktail so this was fun!

Cup of Gumbo & Poutine

Crab Cake Sandwich Pickled Veggies, Cilantro, Remoulade

Jasmine Rice, Pickled Veggies, Crispy Shallots, Herbs, XO Sauce****

Cajun Fries + Crawfish Po’Boy – Leideheimer French Bread, Pickle, Lettuce, Tomato, Remoulade

Happy Hour: Although every hour at Bon Ton is a happy hour, they’ve added oysters to the mix. Every Tuesday through Friday from 4pm – 6pm, BonTon offers $1.50 oysters. They purchase from/work with Oyster South, an organization centered around a community of Southern Family Farms. While their primary focus is bringing the highest quality possible, Bon Ton uses Oyster South because of their focus on southern smaller family farms located primarily around the gulf coast that have eco-friendly practices. They believe these farmers service our community while giving us better oysters.

I will be honest, there are not many places where you can get authentic Creole food in Atlanta. Bon Ton is truly a treasure. As a pescatarian, I was in heaven with all of the fresh seafood options and delicious bites of NOLA cuisine.

Mardi Gras is usually always around my birthday, mostly always in the month of February. Because of the festivities always in my birthday month, I have celebrated my birthday in New Orleans for Mardi Gras around 4-5x before. This year, definitely wasn’t going to happen, even if I wanted to because Fat Tuesday is on March 5th this year.

I still wont make it to NOLA this year, but it is so cool that the ambiance in Bon Ton ATL gives you the Bourbon Street vibes. They have Mardi Gras music, great costumes, good Cajun food and drinks as you can see…but cant have Mardi Gras without the beads!

You can’t have Mardi Gras without Beads & a Hurricane Drink. If you want beads, well you can get them (without flashing of course) but you gotta ask how to get them! I refuse to tell you how I got mine (again I didn’t flash for them this is Atlanta).

The traditional Bon Ton Hurricane was a great way to end my Mardi Gras lunch here. This cocktail is year round, so if you would love to enjoy this infamous drink after the festivities, you can!

Bon Ton ATL Mardi Gras festivities continue until March 5 – aka Fat Tuesday – with an all day party full of fun and surprises.

Bon Ton is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 2:00 am and Sunday, 11:00 am to 12:00 am. Stay connected by visiting the Bon Ton website at and follow along onFacebook and Instagram.

Have you ever celebrated Mardi Gras?

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