Brunch So Hard | Illegal Food Atlanta Review Tuesday 18 October, 2016

Where-To-Eat-Atlanta-Brunch-Illegal-Food-Review You all should know my favorite meal is brunch! I think most women after the age of 25 enjoy a great brunch experience, especially here in Atlanta and I am so happy I found a new spot at Illegal Food Atlanta. I actually discovered them on Instagram a while back and knew I wanted to dine with them soon. 

They were also at the Atlanta 1st Annual Mac and Cheese Fest and they won the title for the best Mac & Cheese from all the vendors. I was there when they won and it was a precursor on what to expect as I came to Illegal Food Atlanta the next day to try out there brunch menu! 



So why is it called Illegal Food? I assumed originally is because their food is so good it should be illegal! I also came to my own conclusions that they have a very unique menu (as I saw on Instagram first) and their food combos are amazing but seems to be “illegal” to put certain items together. For example Krispy Kreme donuts as your burger bun…you wanna tell me how that is legal??? Tell you more about that later. 


Cute interior dining space at Illegal Food Atlanta


Mimosas are $4 daily Cheers

What’s a brunch without mimosas? I will tell you a very sad excuse for lunch is what it is! Well no sadness here as I was served this beautiful mimosa drink to start off my meal. Oh and the good news about the mimosas here is that its $4 daily! I know Sunday mimosas are a bruncher ritual but hey any day of the week at this price without it being happy hour sounds good to me. I definitely order more than one round of these!


Shrimp & Queso Grits w/Piquant Sauce

Can we talk about this dish here? No I have to, as this Shrimp and Queso Grits were my appetizer and I learned now how they got the name Illegal Food. I wanted to slap somebody, anybody for this deliciousness! I have eaten the finest shrimp and grits in Louisiana, and I am about to say something kind illegally offensive but dare I say this was better than any Cajun S&G I ever had! You can lock me up and throw away the key if you try this and say I am lying…but I am not. My friend and I shared this as it is huge – and we were fighting over the last bit of food. The shrimp was huge and juicy, they had just the right spices and I dont know if it was the queso that made the grits so fluffy and mouthwatering – but it was just the best. 

There is a catch though, as this is not on their daily brunch menu. This is on their specialty of the day menu – so hopefully you come to brunch and they serve this. Or maybe demand it be on the menu and I cross my fingers they can make this a weekly brunch menu option to stay! It’s that good!


ODB -Krispy Kreme Donut Bun, American Cheese House Bacon, Over Easy Egg, Maple Mayo and Home Fries

This is the meal that I saw on Instagram and knew I had to come here for a meal to try it! This is called the ODB – which is the Krispy Kreme donut bun burger I was tell you about earlier. I’ve only seen stuff like this on crazy Food Network specials but now I see it is a real thing – well at least at Illegal Food Atlanta. At Illegal Food Atlanta they specialize in the #NotJustBurgers and this ODB is one of their highlight meals of that. This is definitely brunchable (made up the word – yup) as its a burger but there is an over easy egg in it too! Crazy combo I know of donuts, burgers and egg and bacon but it was amazing. Especially hot!

This is sinfully good! I would definitely come back for this meal and introduce some more of my brunch date friends to try it with me. I love a meal that is an experience and the ODB is definitely one (and social media worthy). 


Patty Melt – Caramelized Onion, American Cheese, Special Sauce on Marble Rye with Home Fries


Chicken and Waffles – Three Whole Southern Friend Wings, Black Pepper Maple-Bourbon Sorghum Butter, House Made Hot Sauce served with Buttermilk Pecan Waffles

I had to get the chicken and waffles as well. I love Chicken and Waffles for brunch, I don’t know why but I do. I think because its the perfect brunch combo of your breakfast waffles or your lunch/dinner chicken. Illegal Foods did it again with their version and even have their own homemade hot sauce that is served in a cute plastic shooter to inject or drizzle as you see fit! 


My friend Sas and I enjoy brunch at Illegal Food. You can opt to eat at the open window sill.

illegal-food-atlanta-food-review-brunch-10 As you can see on my face I had a really great time enjoying the flavors of Illegal Food Atlanta. Brunch was absolutely amazing. I want to definitely make this my new home, for brunch and beyond. I need to come back for dinner too. I want to also put, when eating at a location as much as I love to rave over the food, I love a great genuine experience. The servers were personable and gave some amazing recommendations. The bartender went out of her way to greet me and my friend so kind and to ask me how did I like the mimosa? The owner Laurie is absolutely amazing! You can tell she loves  what she does, picks the right people and really cares about every aspect of her restaurant and brand. Even the ambiance of Illegal Food was great, I felt at home. You know how in the show “Cheers” and the theme song was like “where everyone knows your name”? I felt like I can come here often and know everyone there by name and be comfortable here with my food and service. That is how wonderful this place is. Location in there thriving area of Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta,  I am giving my highest recommendations to try this place out. 

Seriously it should be illegal on how good this food is, but it isn’t it just taste that way. It’s so good it taste like you got away with a crime!

ILLEGAL FOOD ATLANTA  location |  1044 Greenwood Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Learn more about Illegal Food Atlanta here @illegalfoodatl #ILLEGALFOODATL #NOTJUSTBURGERS

Have you ever had a brunch that was almost borderline as illegal as this?

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