{Celeb Spotlight} ABC’s Carla Hall Hosts @Bounty’s Power Meet Up for Oprah’s Atlanta #LifeYouWantTour Wednesday 10 September, 2014

Bounty hosted an exclusive the “Life You Want” Power Meet-Up and Celebrity Panel to kick off the weekend events for Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend” at Centennial Park last week. I had the pleasure of attending the entire Oprah’s Life You Want Tour, that debuted in Atlanta, yes Oprah was in Atlanta (but more of that in a following blog). The Bounty brand coordinated an exclusive “Life You Want” Power Meet Up. The panel featured celebrity chef, co-host of ABC’s The Chew, author and lifestyle expert Carla Hall to give us insight on how she lives the life she wants and brings it!


The Bounty Reinvention Lounge encouraged all the attendees to “Bring It” by transcribing something powerful on the artistic wall by saying how you did so on the 3-D writable wall. Carla told us all how she brought it by quitting her job as an accountant, because her biggest fear was staying at a job she hated. One of the best decisions she ever made as she went on to compete on Food Network’s Top Chef, and now currently one of the five co-host’s on the daytime talk show The Chew.

15179741612_1551ba44a8_z Carla Hall (ABC’s The Chew”), Nicole Jones and Karmetria Burton were panelist during the Power Meet Up inside the Bounty Reinvention Lounge. The discussion led women to “bring it” by exploring how to best live the life you want and tips on ways women can be their best selves, empowered to discover the potential hidden inside and summon the courage to overcome obstacles, so they can more easily live the life they want every day.


I was given a great opportunity to briefly talk to Carla Hall about how she started to live the life she wanted at the event.



Kiwi: You started cooking at the age of 25, what made you decided to get into the cooking industry?

Carla Hall: I didn’t know I was going to start cooking, I just knew I was running from what I didn’t want to do. Sometimes you start of doing what you dont want to do until you figure it out. I knew accounting wasn’t what I wanted, and I began cooking as a fluke by starting a lunch delivery service. I learned cooking on the job, and I liked it enough to start doing it 7 days a week and 12 hours a day.

Kiwi:How did you get involved with The Chew?

Carla: Right after Top Chef, I won fan favorite during The All-Star season and the executives of ABC’s saw when I won that. They’ve already casted for The Chew, and then we came together for a chemistry test in which we were only together for 20 mins! Within six days they announced it and that’s how I got involved with The Chew. 

Kiwi: How did you come up with the catch phrase Whoody Who?

Carla: My husband and I, we are so silly at home and this was the thing we used to find each other at the house. Whoody-Who is our call & response for each other! 

Kiwi: What do you love the most about cooking and favorite dish?

Carla: One of the things I love about cooking is that it’s a way to nurture people. One of the things I like to make, especially in the Fall is collard greens and cornbread!

Kiwi: Any inspiring words on how one can live the life they want?

Carla: I think it starts with yourself and don’t look outside of yourself. Refer to your heart, I know this sounds cliche but listen to your heart! Follow your own heart to live the life you want.


Thanks FreddyO.com for the photo Team curly girls!

I learned during this event and speaking with Carla Hall that you have to leap out on faith. You may not have all the answers as to where you life might lead you, but you know when you aren’t happy. If you aren’t happy, stop doing it and don’t keep making excuses. You might find out later in life what you are truly passionate about, and when you figure it out keep getting good at it – because an opportunity might open for you to start living the life you want to live! That’s the goal for us all. I will get into more in detail about how I learned from Oprah herself how we can all start living the life we want to live in the next post.


Watch Carla Hall weekly on ABC’s The Chew  at 1pm EST @thechew @carlahall


For more information about Bounty, visit www.bountytowels.com. Continue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the handle @Bounty and hashtag #LifeYouWantATL and #BringIt.

Photo Credit: Joey Levine | The Garner Circle PR

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