Cuffing Season Kit with Net10 Wireless x BabbleBoxx Monday 14 December, 2020

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx  on behalf of Net10 Wireless

Did you know it is officially cuffing season? In 2017, “cuffing season” was shortlisted by Collins dictionary for its word of the year, defined as “the period of autumn and winter, when single people are considered likely to seek settled relationships rather than engage in casual affairs”.

Basically people are more likely to be in relationships and more lovey dovey during the colder months. We hibernate and humans are looking for a connection with people more as there is a chill in the air. It should be like this all year round, but it is something about the winter months that makes things more cozy and romantic.

Cuffing season is underway, and people are relying on their  smartphones to find or stay close to their partner. From  swiping on the apps, to video-chatting during the holidays,  to streaming movies, to tracking down new recipes to make  together – it’s key to have an affordable and reliable wireless  service to find your partner or keep the spark alive. Net10 Wireless must know I am in the cuffing season mood and sent me my own “Cuffing Season” kit!

Yes currently I am single (until married) so I am dating at the current moment. Dating in a pandemic is truly interesting. I will spare you the details, but I am sure you can imagine it is much more difficult during a time of social distancing and wearing masks. There was a period during high alert where we were all quarantined, and I was still dating. So I relied on my phone and Facetime a lot to stay in touch with my love interest. It actually seem like phones and technology made courting easier and it was something I highly depended on. Texting, Facetiming, Call all of it until it was safe to actually go out in public.

We are still in a pandemic and we still need these phones to keep the love connection going. Net10 sent some amazing goodies for me to have some sultry fun while I date and keep in touch in these crazy times. Dating can still be fun and interesting , so lets see how Net10 Wireless is keeping it cozy during cuffing season!

Net10 Wireless sent me a Cuffing Season Kit in collaboration with Babblebox!

Whats in the Cuffing Season Kit?

Bottle of Wine from Jam Cellars  

So I love me some great wine! Red is my absolute favorite so I was excited to see this Cabernet Sauvignon in the box! A great glass of wine is a nice way to start off any date!

Cozy blanket from GoNaap

I love blankets, but its even better to share a blanket with two! Netflix and chill sessions can be more comfier with a nice blanket to warm up together this winter.

Conversation starter game from TableTopics 

This is definitely a cute cuffing season addition. Its interesting to still get to know people especially the one you are interested in. I think this TableTopic is an amazing thing to have as you can use these in person, or long distance via Zoom/Facetime/etc.

Gourmet popcorn from Eatable  

Now this is a fun treat. Gourmet popcorn with a “Pop The Champagne” flavor. Its champage infused white chocolate to share during a Netflix and Chill type of night or maybe save this for New Years Eve!

NET10 Wireless Device provided a Samsung Galaxy A10e cellphone along w/$50 Super Unlimited Plan

NET10’s unlimited talk and text plans start as low as $20 per  month with varying amounts of high-speed data – and  the new $50 Super Unlimited plan comes with unlimited  talk, text and high speed data (that does not throttle) plus  5GB of mobile hotspot data – so you can call, text and  video-chat as much as you want. 

With NET10’s no fees phone payment plan, you can get  the latest smartphones to stay close to your new love  interest with no contract and no deposit, such as great  iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices starting at less than  $5 a month. 

This is the new age we are in. High speed technology is apart of our lives and definitely apart of our dating lives! I am enjoying this time and dating is about being creative and keeping in touch. I have to thank Net10 Wireless again for this amazing cuffing season kit! I am going to be able to connect more with my love interest and have fun while doing so!

Surviving dating in a pandemic with a glass of wine and good company!

NET10 Wireless gives you the wireless freedom you need to  find or stay in touch with your partner with unthrottled high speed data and hotspot data on the new Super Unlimited  plans. 

Cheers to Cuffing Season and I hope you are safe and social distancing as well to all of the lovebirds out there!

How have you been connecting with your love during cuffing season?

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