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The SockMonkey wants you to Hotline Bling the one you love!

Do you guys remember the days when people used to only be able to contact you with a phone call. Yes just dialing your number and actually hearing your voice! Drake is right…you used to call me on my cellphone….the world used to call each other on our cellphones (or house phones). I am so happy I was one of the last generation who understood what it was like to check my voicemail if I miss a call or even anticipate a call! Now and days getting in touch with people is a bit too accessible. Hear me out! Its a good and very bad thing! We are more connected more than ever, but we are also very disconnected too. We talk less and social media more. Most of the time we are too busy checking Facebook or getting updates on Instagram to tune in with people. My phone barely even rings anymore does yours?

Serious this is a real question? Does your phone ring or like the popular singer Drake sang in his very popular song, does your ‘Hotline Bling”? I am not talking about text messages either, I am talking about a real phone call? Look my favorite holiday is coming up around the corner, and that is when you feel like you should reach out to your love one the most then right? No, we need to go back to the times where you actually DIALED someones number and enjoyed hearing someone’s voice. There was a guy I was dating and what really attracted me to him in the early stages is that he didn’t text me all day, he actually picked up the phone and wanted to talk. Feel my energy. Get to know me. We didn’t exchange social media information or anything. Old school talking on the phone for hours! It was refreshing. That inspired me to want to go back to the good days and challenge everyone with me to take the Hotline Bling Challenge! HOTLINE-BLING-data-and-a-movie-walmart-family-mobile-4

Hotline Bling Challenge

1. For every person who text you, call them later in the day.

2. Call someone out of the blue who wasn’t expecting it.

3. Actually check your voicemail (I know it’s full) and return some calls.

4. For every nice social media response you get that day, call that person!

5. If it’s someone’s birthday on social that you know, call them and wish them personally Happy Birthday!

5. If someone shared good news on social media, don’t just like it. Call them and say CONGRATULATIONS!

6.. For one week, put up your Facebook status and tell your friends list they can contact you via phone. Give social media a break.

7. For every group chat discussion, take it old school get on a multi-call line and arrange a day to meet up in person.

8. If you are thinking of someone, just take the general initiative to CALL them. Don’t let your first reaction be a text.

9. Try this entire list for a month. If you do it successfully, do it for another month until Calling People is a constant habit. data-and-a-movie-walmart-family-mobile-3

 I wont lie, this challenge is going to be a challenge for me. I have been conditioned like the rest of the world to act like I am so busy to call, but not busy to be on social. I am taking this Hotline Bling Challenge seriously. The power of your voice will always be better than any social media like button out there. Since I am taking the challenge, I actually will be using the new Samsung Galaxy Core Prime to do my hotline blinging!


The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime located in Walmart FamilyMobile section in Electronics

When I bought the phone, I got the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan that provides unlimited talk, text, & data- which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE for just $49.95 a month- best part there is no contract! This is was bought at a rollback price for $79.92 versus the original $99.92 so this was under $100! Also, with the PLUS plan, you can get a FREE movie each month from VUDU. You guys know I love my movies, especially since I will be traveling more so this will be great on my flights or even if I have down time in my hotel rooms. Free movie screening on your phone is always a great perk! Also not only is it great to watch movies on VUDU on my phone, I can watch it on my other devices such as my tablet, laptop and even transfer to my new smart TV. Technology is amazing! DVD players will be dust like VHS soon if it keeps it up!


Time to Hotline Bling some phones!

I’m am enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime features & I am serious about starting my Hotline Bling Challenge. I will be participating in the challenge but utilizing my movie streaming on VUDU too. I know I am saying take it back to the old school with calling, but seriously isn’t it cool you can watch movies on your phones now! We are so close to the Jetson age it isn’t even funny.

It’s time to light up some people’s phone. Let’s get out of our Drake feelings and start calling people on their cell phones again! II’m ready for my hotline to start blinging again, while I run out of pages in my passport (another Drake ‘Hotline Bling reference). That’s my motto for the year! Join me, call someone today! Hopefully you doing the Hotline Bling challenge will encourage your friends/family/loved ones to get in the habit of calling you more as well!

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

How Often Does Your Hotline Bling? Will You Take the Challenge with Me?

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