Encouraging Girls and Women to #SpeakBeautiful at Blogalicious Wednesday 09 November, 2016

Another day another Blogalicious post. Yes the 3-day conference was so massive I have plenty of post so you all can follow up on. It was a major experience as I expressed how to get a sponsorship and even a free website, but besides talking about blog related topics there was a breakfast panel hosted by Dove on how to Speak Beautiful. Dove currently has a nationwide campaign called #SpeakBeautiful to inspire change on social media and the impact of words and bullying towards women beauty.


The panel was lead by fellow Blogger Luvvie Ajayi, who now currently listed as a New York’s best selling author for book I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual. Luvvie moderated the panel with other notable bloggers such as  a good friend of mine Marie Denee (TheCurlyFashionista.com), my blog ambassador buddy Claudia Krusch (TrendyLatina.com) and Dre Brown (Makeup Artist/creator of belleIEVE Beauty). All three of them had their own views and different obstacles on how beauty affected their lives and industries in a negative way due to societal pressures and even verbiage.

Dre, the makeup artist, says women are constantly coming to her with their insecurities on themselves while they sit in her chair for services. Covering up their outer beauty and masking it because they want to hid their flaws through makeup to make themselves beautiful to the world.  Claudia spoke on how as a mother she is seeing in her own teen son on how he should already be questioning the outer beauty of girls (i.e. asking her if his currently girlfriend was considered pretty). Marie spoke upon how in the plus sized industry has been known for beauty shaming and wasn’t in the past included in the beauty industry up until recently.

From what I took from the panel, although now the beauty industry is growing more diverse and expanding between young or older, color, size, demographic, hair and more…we as a society still have a lot of work to do to improve it. Now that we have social media, bullying and shaming is becoming more of a thing on attacking one’s beauty and causing many young girls and women to lose their self-esteem because of these online attack. Luvvie said one important statement that I believe resonated with everyone in that room and just simply said boldly to us, “YOU ARE ENOUGH“. Sometimes we as women and even young women don’t think we are enough because of whats online now and social pressures. Dove wants to make sure that changes and this campaign initiative is showcasing how we all should feel as if we are enough and challenge the online narrative of how we speak to ourselves and one another about beauty.



After the key-note beauty panel discussion, Dove hosted for the 3 day conference a beauty suite for all of the blogger attendees. As the one of the world’s leading beauty brands, Dove made sure to go all out with the beauty treatment and products for us and pamper us to make us feel beautiful during the conference. There was a Dove dessert bar, photo booth, facial station and make-up station as well to get on-site makeovers and spas. You know I signed myself up for the experience.





Getting a Dove inspired facial

So as I stepped into the Beauty Suite, I was welcomed with a facial. I haven’t had a facial in years. I was given the ultimate facial beauty treatment and she used the Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar with features ¼ moisturizing cream and Moroccan Argan Oil to gently cleanse and care for skin. I have to say it felt amazing and my skin definitely felt smooth and soft afterwards as if I went to an actual spa.



photo credit: CreateHERstock.com


photo credit: CreateHERstock.com

After the facial treatment, it was time for a mini-makeover. I went to the on-site makeup station area and got a little makeup done. I wasn’t expecting a makeover, you all know I don’t even wear makeup often at all but they encouraged me to do so and of course I obliged. She did such a good job I even changed clothes because now I felt like I needed to show off my new look with an outfit.


Dove wasn’t finished with the beauty treatments! The last day of the Blogalicious conference they ended the event with a bang with a huge Cocktail Party for us. It was amazing as they had more beauty stations at the event where you can get your hair style and braided with professional hairstylist.


Many of the attendees got their hair done using some of Dove’s newest hair products


This was the last day, and there was a white party prior but a great transition to Dove’s cocktail party. I had too much fun and definitely enjoyed the party and doing the last bit of mingling before it was over.


Dove is also responsible for the #LoveYourHair campaign, which has been spreading around to tell women of all walks of life to simple love your tresses. Many women like myself who had to transistion into the natural hair movement over the last few years know a thing or two about Loving Our Hair more. Not to many years ago surprisingly there wasn’t a market for women/girl with natural curly hair. Many of us felt like we weren’t beautiful unless we straighten our hair…and not many of us are embracing our curls. I know I have, and although I rock straighten hair from time to time….curls are what makes me feel beautiful.

Dove encourages no matter what texture, hair color or length you have love it! Hair shamming is a thing and this is also apart of the beauty industry that is slowly but surely changing for the better.


Me + Celeb Hairstylist Ursela Stephens

Dove wow’d us all with the #SpeakBeautiful message and it definitely gives me something to think about more. In a world where Filters and makeup/beauty trends can have us feeling inadequate about our own beauty, we have the power to change that. Young women and adult women are constantly bombarded with what is in trend and what isn’t but it’s up to us to uplift each other and ourselves and it does start with speaking beautiful. The young women look up to the older women, and the older women need to be an example on how to carry high self-esteem and standards when it comes to beauty. dove-speak-beautiful-beauty-products

  • Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash features a unique formula with a blend of Moroccan Argan Oil beads to replenish 12x more skin natural nutrients than competitors
  • Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar features ¼ moisturizing cream and Moroccan Argan Oil to gently cleanse and care for your skin.
  • Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry and delivers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection with all the care of Dove for softer, smoother underarms.
  • Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum the first ‘on-the-go’ leave-in treatment for curls by Dove Hair that is a fast absorbing, lightweight serum that utilizes a creamy formula to nourish hair for the ultimate shine and manageability.


I try my best on my platform to always blog and stay true to encouraging women all the time of being beautiful inside out. Trends dont make you beautiful. Clothes dont make you beautiful. Having all of the makeup that all of the beauty bloggers are taking about wont make you beautiful alone. It starts with beautiful affirmations and not allowing other people to sham you or take away the beauty you are born with. We are all uniquely made beautiful and I am happy Dove is continuing the conversation online to spread to us all to #SpeakBeautiful more often. speak-beautiful-with-dove-900x456

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How Do You #SpeakBeautiful? Any Beautiful Affirmation You Want To Share?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dove. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • Catherine Sargent says:

    This looks like a great event. Dove is the only brand of soap that my son and I use.

  • Pam says:

    I love that Dove is doing this. It’s so important to teach women to love themselves for who they are.

  • Wow, it looks like you had a great time and you looked great. I love Dove products and I would love to try the one you had a facial with.

  • Dove leads the way in reminding women and people of their true beauty. This looks like it was a great event. I would have liked to be there.

  • Stacie says:

    Love that Dove party, their products, and this campaign! Blogalicious looks like it was too fun!

  • Kasi says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I would’ve love to get pampered like that!

  • Christina Aliperti says:

    I love the way Dove supports women and girls. I have always used Dove but this is even more reason to support them.

  • Even though I’m an Olay girl, I wouldn’t be able to resist this event either. I think the #SpeakBeautiful campaign is fabulous and I am going to make some signs for my campus for my young ladies to see. I haven’t had a facial in years either but I’ve started buying little 20 minute face masks and they really make me feel amazing. I’m glad you had such a fabulous time at Blogalicious. You have certainly convinced me that I need to be in the building next year.

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