{Event Recap} Beautification Event | Hosted by KiwiTheBeauty Tuesday 10 September, 2013

Beautification Event

A few weeks ago I hosted a fun beauty focused event at iwi Fresh called Beautification: A Beauty Product Exchange Party.  It was a lot of fun, where the ladies came with their beauty products in exchange to obtain new items to swap with others.  It was a fun concept created by The Branding Bell and I know everyone left with something new and fun without spending a dime.

*Disclaimer – So on this night it was storming like crazy in Atlanta, since the city seems to be having a 40 days and 40 nights of rain kind of summer, and it completely knocked all the electricity out. So to your surprise, all of the pictures shown in this post is actually in dim lit setting with no lights due to lack of power. We should dub this Beauty in the Dark.

Thank heavens for flash photography.

The guest were greeted with cocktails to sip + shop sponsored by Veev Vita Frute cocktails.

The margarita drink was a hit!

Dessert bites were provided by one of my close friends Sophia of  SoSoTasty. These are KeyLime Pie shots aka “heaven in a shot cup”. Yum doesn’t even give this treat justice…what a better word for yum? Please tell me…


Sheen Magazine was also a sponsor of the event. Yes the magazine company I contribute to learn more here.

Getting posey with Nikki Bell of The Branding Bell, Yolanda of iwi Fresh + Soso of SosoTasty!

Before the actual product swap, the guest had a special beauty presentation demonstrated by iwi Fresh owner Yolanda. It was extra special indeed due to the entire presentation was done around lit candles {because of the lack of power} but it actual gave the place a serene ambiance. iwi Fresh prides itself of using only organic products to provide the best spa services in town, in which every product “Is What Is Is” as described. Yolanda showed everyone how they can make their own organic facials at home using household items.

Although the entire presentation was in the dark, everyone was very engaged and forgot we were in complete darkness. I even think being in the dark gave everyone a calm & inviting feeling, and the guest loved every moment of it. So we coined this segment “Beauty In the Dark”…this should be a series.

Yolanda used Sophia as an example on how to make your own facial mask at home using only 3 ingredients; egg whites, avocado, and greek plain yogurt.

We had a few giveaways and here are some of our winners.

Winner of Beautiful Textures products

Winner of Akemi Ann Products

Winner of Colour U Cosmetic Products

Winner of The Sistah Chick Shea Butter

Beauty Product Swap Time!

The highlight of the beautification event was the swapping! Everyone places the item they brought in beauty categories of Hair, Body, Perfume, Make Up, Etc… For each item a person donated, is an item they are allowed to swap out for themselves to take home. It’s like a beauty thrifting!

Everyone enjoying the swap and snagging some great items from the selection.

Beauty product shopping without the guilt!

Above is the products I actually swapped and received. I think I got some pretty great stuff!  2 M.A.C. cosmetic products and Shea Moisture Facial Mask…I will say I was winning!

I want to send a special thank you for The Sistah Chick for donating her products for the giveaways and allowing me to have one as a gift! I love Shea Butter and this smells like a Mango/Vanilla Smoothie Blend!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Beautification: Beauty Product Exchange Party. There will be a Pt.2 in the near future. Hopefully we will have power next time, and if now we will have another Beauty in the Dark Party!

Thanks to Yolanda of iwi Fresh for letting us use her beautiful spa as a venue for the event.

Thanks Nikki Bell of The Branding Bell for allowing me to host the Beautification Event.

Thanks to Beautiful Textures for providing me with a product packages.  I will be reviewing these soon!

I want to send another special thank you to Luxshoery Boutique for sponsoring my hostess attire for the evening. A cute cut-out vibrant dress and these amazing see-thru pumps.

Luxshoery Boutique is an online shoe and clothing store with modern + trendy flair at affordable prices.  I absolutely adore this pumps so chic and feminine.

Check out the video recap of the Beautification Event Below.

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