Event Recap | #CampFest with Camp Twin Lakes Thursday 18 August, 2016

I got the opportunity to be a kid for a day at attend the 4th annual #CampFest by Camp Twin Lakes Y’ALL . Camp Twin Lakes Y’ALL (Young Atlanta Leadership League) throw several social events and fundraising events to bring awareness about Camp Twin Lakes.  For more than 20 years, Camp Twin Lakes has provided life-changing camp experiences to thousands of Georgia’s children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges.

Camp Twin Lakes Y’ALL did a great job with #CampFest as they had several activities that made you feel like you were a kid getting sent away to summer camp again. Who said summer camp had to end at childhood?


The VIP lounge was awesome as it was an All you can eat Burger & Fries booth sponsored by Shake Shack. I love Shake Shack so much that I got my food…and bad blogger me I ate it all before I capture a picture. Sorry – but check below and see the S’more Ice Cream bowls I ate later on in the evening! Delish!


The event really paid attention to details as they had cute little signage to give you the feel as if you were at a real camping ground. So many actitives and things to do.


Since this was an adult event, it wasnt apple cider that many of us were drinking by the campfire. This is an adult Camp Fest…so we had beer and cocktails! This was hosted at the famous Sweetwater Brewery so it was only right there was an open bar for drinks. Not only was it an open bar, but you got to keep the #CampFest cup so that was a cute touch. Thanks!


Now what are camps usually known for? You cant have a camping experience without S’MORES! There was a DIY innovative s’more bar where it was an indoor s’more roasting station with your choice of candy bars to make your own custom S’more. Dangerous (as far as my greediness).


My custom s’more treat consist of White Chocolate Hershey Bar instead of traditional with graham cracker and marshmallows.


S’More Ice Cream custom made by Shake Shack

You thought I was done with the S’more…nope! I am here to show you S’more (I am super corny)! I didn’t get to show you the Shake Shack Burger and Fries (I was so greedy – again I apologies for not sharing visually), but here is the amazing S’more ice cream they created. I hope these are at their actual locations too because if they are…YOU MUST GET THIS. As a shake!

140804_Camp Twin Lakes 2016_141

Fun with my +1 Nina!

140804_Camp Twin Lakes 2016_142

Usually when I go to themed interactive event like this, I know I can always count on my friend Nina! She is the life of any party like me and knows how to have fun. Of course we crash every photo booth and take festive pictures. As I say many times, whats a great party without a photobooth?

140804_Camp Twin Lakes 2016_143

Does it look like we went to Camp for real?

Camp Twin Lakes collaborates with nearly 60 different nonprofit organizations, each serving a different population, to create customized programs that teach campers to overcome obstacles and grow in their confidence and capabilities. Annually, Camp Twin Lakes serves more than 9,900 campers, leverages support from 3,500 volunteers, and subsidizes 80% of the direct camp costs ($800) for every camper served.

Prior to Camp Twin Lakes’ opening in 1993, special needs groups in Georgia lacked adequate facilities to hold their camp programs. Today, Camp Twin Lakes partners with these organizations to provide high quality, fully-accessible recreational activities in a medically supportive environment. Camp programs are customized for each group of campers.


Since its opening, Camp Twin Lakes has welcomed more than 100,000 children and volunteers. I have an autistic brother so this non-profit really touched my heart. Its great to know that in GA, they have programs with children with special needs that deserve to have fun and go to camp as well. We sometimes take for granted the privileges we have, but the children with special needs can know they have access to such a fun place where they can experience camp and adventure catered just for them

I was honored to attend this event and learn more about Camp Twin Lakes. I was privileged as a child to be able to go to summer camp at 11 and 12…but many children may not know they have the option to go if they have a disability. I am seriously going to look into seeing if my autistic brother will have an opportunity to attend Camp Twin Lakes next year. If you are in GA and know a family with children/young adults with special needs Camp Twin Lakes is the place for them. If you are also interested in volunteering and being apart of the Camp Twin Lakes Y’ALL committee there are openings for that as well.


Visit www.camptwinlakes.org/ to learn more and to be a volunteer.



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