Event Recap | Macys Celebrates Black History Month ft. Jurnee Smolet-Bell Thursday 18 February, 2016

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I attended Macy’s Celebrates Black History Month event as they salute a rising icon of African American culture! African American actors, artists and performers have been commanding the spotlight for decades, but the newest generation of trendsetters is in a class all its own. I was front row and center for a second year as Macy’s does another Black History Month inspired event, but this time with in-depth conversation with a panel that bring home what African American culture means to them.


The Atlanta Macy’s Celebrates Black History Month Panel

The Panel consisted of the premiere panelist Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Shane Evans, Taye Diggs and Chef Garvin. All of them share in a round-table discussion about growing up African American, who influenced them, what gave them confidence in their culture and how friends and family stories shaped them into the person they are today.


Celebrity Chef Garvin

Chef G. Galvin: A philanthropist, chef, TV personality, and author, G. Galvin has garnered an impressive career. As a chef, Galvin has earned a nominee for the James Beard Award and has written several cookbooks including Dining In and Make It Super Simple. For seven seasons, Garvin appeared on the show, Turn Up the Heat. Garvin opened an Atlanta restaurant, Low Country and founded the G. Garvin Foundation, which aims to introduce a career in culinary arts to young adults.


Actor + Author Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs: Actor and new author, Taye Diggs has built an impressive resume on the screen and the stage. Appearing in plays such as Wicked and Rent, movies like Chicago, and television shows such as Private Practice. Now as a father, Diggs is a children’s author with his book, Chocolate Me, a book to inspire all children to love themselves.


Actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell

Jurnee Smollet-Bell: As an actress, Jurnee has won awards for her role in The Great Debaters and has starred in multiple TV and movie roles. Meet her just in time to ask her about her new show, Underground, airing on WGN America this spring.


Jurnee reading over “Chocolate Me” book


Blogger friends Ari + Bernetta were the recipeints of a Barbie Doll that was given to the 1st 50 guest in attendance for the event sponsored by Black Doll Affair. I know both of their daughters will love this!


My friend and her son Maxton after he got his own “Chocolate Me‘ book signed by Taye Diggs. You have to start them off real early with the self-love!


Taye Diggs + Shane Evans Signing my copy of “Chocolate Me”

macys-celebrates-black-history-month-atlanta-10 Taye Diggs is actually a really funny dude. As I was getting my book signed, I asked him ” Will you make a girl version of this for your series. Maybe a Curly Me?” I think he seriously contemplated it. I am a curly adult, but I wasn’t always a curly child…and I think it would be beautiful if he could expand his book collection to little girls to love their curly stands. Taye said it was a good idea and he also said he will be making a “Kiwi Me!” book too…funny! Check out Chocolate Me book inspiring children and adults how even the most chocolate of skin is beautiful!

I got a brief opportunity to meet Jurnee. Like I said before, everyone has said all of my life we look just a like. I think she is a really pretty girl and super down to earth and humble. She has a new show debuting soon called “Underground” so check out for her tv show premiere in March!

All in all, it was an event to highlight some recent accomplishment of today’s African American influencers. Sometimes we think we have to focus on the past to understand history, but we can also focus on the great influencers of today. As an African American woman I am inspired and hopefully I can leave a mark in American history like these panelist. Black History is mostly highlighted once every year in February (shortest month in the year) and we should do more recognition beyond this month. We as Americans (no color preference) need to start looking at all aspects of American history and not get brainwashed or oversaturated with the same stories. You know what I am saying…not that we should keep looking into those stories – but I challenge you as Black History Month is almost over, look more into the history of African Americans beyond what you already know and educate yourself. I will take this challenge myself.

Are You Learning Anything New for Black History Month?

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